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11 photos of the haze show just why Mahathir is writing to Jokowi about it

Here's everything that's happened around the haze issue so far.

Malaysia and Indonesia are both using hotspot maps in a public battle over haze responsibility

“Not all smog is from Indonesia... the Malaysian government should have explained this objectively.”

Air quality in Malaysia worsened so much on Wednesday that open burning is now banned

There were 20 areas in the "unhealthy" range and 1 in "very unhealthy" range on Wednesday.

NEA has started issuing daily advisories, and haze may hit Singapore as soon as this week

You can continue with your daily activities today, but keep an eye out for the daily PSI readings.

The haze is making a comeback in August, and some Malaysian regions are already affected

In addition to the haze, Singapore is expected to have a “dry and warm” August, with daily temperatures forecast to exceed 34°C on some days.

The persistent ‘burning smell’ in Singapore’s air is expected to ease in early April

Thankfully, an increase in rain showers is expected over the region due to inter-monsoon conditions in early April.

The Johor fire likely behind the burning smell in Singapore has been put out – but a second one is burning

Get your N95s ready. Haze and burning smells may be expected in Singapore over the next few days.

This haze insurance is promising payouts once the PSI hits 100

The haze insurance will pay out when the NEA’s PSI index exceeds 200, or if it stays above PSI 100 for 20 days.

Parts of Malaysia affected by unhealthy levels of haze but risk of it reaching Singapore is ‘low’

Open burning, which Malaysian and Indonesian farmers traditionally use to clear land, has been blamed for the rising number of hot spots.