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More people are buying HDB flats over 40 years old, after CPF changed its rule about leases

It's great news for sellers of old flats, who might finally be able to get a private property.

HDB just hinted that future flats could be 3D-printed smart homes that keep cool: Here’s how

In the future, Singapore ubiquitous HDB flats could turn out to be jaw-dropping, 3D-printed smart homes that can keep themselves cool.

Fines for parking illegally at HDB carparks will increase by up to 40% from July 1

Parking illegally is going to cost you more next month.

123 re-offered balance flats have been listed on HDB’s site – and 85% are in mature towns

Flat buyers can select a unit as early as the next working day.

HDB is adding better floors, doors, gates and toilets to BTO flats launched from Feb 2019 – here’s what they look like

They include a laminated timber front door, a steel entrance gate, and glazed porcelain floor tiles.

Singapore is building a Winnie the Pooh-inspired park in Bidadari – and it’s even got squirrels and woodpeckers

Singapore's plan for Bidadari Park was inspired by the Hundred Acre Wood, HDB said.

BTO ballot results will now come out twice as fast – and new projects will be announced half a year earlier, HDB says

This means BTO projects for August and November this year will be announced in May.

HDB is reducing the waiting time for buyers booking re-offered balance flats to just one day

The first applicable batch will have about 120 flats.