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The new Galaxy Note 10, in "aura glow."

People are mad at Samsung for killing the headphone jack in its latest phone, but it’s a smart business decision

The Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung smartphone without a headphone jack. The move makes a lot of sense for Samsung.
Samsung Fold in action.

After repeatedly mocking Apple for ditching the iPhone headphone jack, Samsung is doing exactly the same thing

Samsung previously made fun of Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone.

New photos reveal Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 XL smartphone could get wireless charging — but there’s still no headphone jack

Many have criticized the Pixel 2 phones for the lack of wireless charging, but Google might fix that in the Pixel 3 XL with a glass back.

The smartest piece of Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 phone is a decades-old component

Samsung is the last of the major smartphone makers to include a headphone jack in its flagship phones, the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S9 is no exception.

The traditional headphone jack may prevail on Samsung smartphones in 2018

A components leak suggests the Samsung Galaxy S9 may retain the headphone jack, unlike many competitor flagships.

HTC ditched the headphone jack on its new smartphone — but replaced it with something way better

The new U11 Life still comes with free headphones, but they don't need a headphone jack.

The guy who built an iPhone using spare parts has now added a headphone jack to his iPhone 7

It turns out it's actually possible to add headphone jack to an iPhone 7, but it's probably not something you'll want to try at home.

It looks like Google’s next Pixel phones will ditch the headphone jack, too

Google plans to join Apple by ditching the headphone jack on its next Pixel phones, according to a new report from Evan Blass.