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A ground view of Vessel, the site's prominent art installation

Amazon is headed to New York City — here are the neighborhoods that could start swelling with HQ2 workers

As Long Island City braces for an influx of 25,000 new Amazon employees, neighboring areas could see a surge of new residents.
One of the lobbies for Toys R Us headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey.

Toys R Us is selling every piece of furniture from its closing headquarters that once housed 1,600 people, and the photos are depressing

Toys R Us is in the process of liquidating its US business, and that includes furniture and office supplies from its headquarters. "Everything must go, even Geoffrey," Toys R Us stated in an Instagram post announcing the sale.
Boston is the frontrunner for Amazon's HQ2, according to Wells Fargo's AI technology.

Amazon’s second headquarters will drive up housing costs — here’s exactly how much your rent will increase

Amazon's second headquarters will drive up housing costs. In Los Angeles, rents would rise 4.9%, or $52, on top of the expected increase of 3%, or $82, for those paying the city's median rent of $2,746.
Boston is the frontrunner for Amazon's HQ2, according to Wells Fargo's AI technology.

These are the top 5 contenders for Amazon’s HQ2, according to Wells Fargo’s robot

Boston has the best chance of landing Amazon's HQ2, according to Wells Fargo's AI-based stock-picking services.
Amazon's map of the top 20 contenders for its second headquarters, HQ2.

Amazon just announced who’s still in the running for its $5 billion HQ2 — here are 15 of the list’s biggest snubs

Amazon has narrowed down its list of contenders for its second headquarters, meaning lots of cities just got some bad news.

Only 17 US cities are left in the running for Amazon’s HQ2 — here are the ones in most dire need of Amazon’s 50,000 jobs

Amazon revealed its HQ2 shortlist, which includes 17 American cities. Here's how Amazon's headquarters could impact the employment outlook of the winning city.

Seattle’s ‘Amageddon’ crisis should terrify the city Amazon chooses for HQ2

Amazon has been blamed for Seattle's astronomical hikes in real estate costs, traffic gridlock, and homelessness.
A rendering of the Schuylkill Yards mixed-use development in Philadelphia.

Amazon has announced the top contenders in its $5 billion bidding war for HQ2 — here are their craziest proposals

Cities are going to great lengths to convince Amazon that they should be the home of the company's second headquarters, called HQ2.
Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert is leading an effort to get Amazon to build its second headquarters in Motor City.

To lure Amazon’s HQ2, Detroit would free it from many taxes — and allow it to pocket employees’ state income taxes for 20 years

Detroit is among more than 200 US cities bidding for Amazon's new headquarters. It hopes to entice the company with some big tax breaks.

Amazon’s next headquarters could be worth $2 billion to the winning city

Amazon has received hundreds of bids, in part because it could be worth several billion dollars to the winning city.