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Singapore Airlines is adding healthy meals by award-winning Como Shambhala to its menu

Unhealthy airplane food no more. Singapore Airlines is adding healthy food to its menu.

9 foods you thought were healthier than they are

Next time you take a stroll down your grocery's "health food" aisle, take note: Most of what you're looking at likely doesn't belong there.

How a little-known frozen food startup is boosting its footprint through Instagram

Soup and smoothie subscription service Daily Harvest has managed to catapult forward by relying on Instagram.

Meet the four models who want to revolutionize the way you eat

Ripe is a 3-year-old startup that delivers healthy meals to offices and was founded by four 20-somethings who met in the modeling industry.

Matcha tea is the latest ‘superfood’ — here’s why you should beware of knockoff versions

If you've heard the buzz about the 'superfood' health benefits of matcha, a type of powdered green tea, you'll want to read this.