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Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister goes on 11km cycle

How many 94-year-olds do you know are cycling 11km distances?

The CEO of Cedele avoids bee hoon for breakfast at all costs – here’s what else she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cedele's founder says that to stay healthy, the total amount of food a person should eat per meal must not exceed the size of both palms placed together.
It doesn't matter if you jog, walk, swim, or lift. They all help lower blood pressure.

Exercise could be as effective as pills at combatting the No. 1 ‘silent killer’ — and it’s more evidence that working out is a...

Here's more evidence that exercise performs wonders for the body: It's as good as medication at lowering systolic blood pressures higher than 140.

3 science-backed skin-care tricks for a more glowing complexion in one month

Skin care is a long-term investment, but there are a few things you can do at home to help your face look younger and livelier in just a month. A dermatologist reveals her three go-to home remedies for better skin.

A personal trainer to Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel, and Martha Hunt reveals the one diet that made his models gain weight in the lead up to a show

New York-based Justin Gelband said that eating healthy is more important than exercise, but cautioned against using juice-only diets to shed pounds.

A stockbroker turned personal trainer tells us why breakfast actually isn’t the most important meal of the day

Max Lowery said that eating breakfast makes him feel "slow, lethargic, and hungry for the rest of the day."