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Heat waves will keep more airplanes on the ground in coming years, new research suggests

Some planes can't fly if temperatures pass a certain threshold around 120 degrees. As temperatures rise due to climate change, this could pose a major problem.

The US will be unrecognizable by the end of this century

Miserably hot summers are not the worst problem facing us in coming decades. Rising seas, an uptick in wildfires, and more invasive insects are on their way.

This week is going to set hot weather records all across the US

If you think it's too warm this week, you're note alone. The US is facing record-breaking heat from Phoenix, Arizona to Birmingham, Alabama, to Atlantic City.

An unbearable heat wave plaguing New Yorkers may also be causing roaches to fly

Flying cockroaches are loving this warm and steamy weather.

Here’s why it will be so unbearably hot this weekend

Most of the country will be gripped by dangerously high temperatures. Here's why.