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Andean Flamingos in Britain have laid eggs for the first time in 15 years.

Rare flamingos in England laid eggs for the first time in 15 years — and experts are saying it’s because of Europe’s heatwave

Rare Andean flamingos in Britain have laid eggs for the first time in 15 years, and experts have credited Europe’s recent heat wave. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust said record-breaking temperatures led six flamingos to lay nine eggs at the Gloucestershire reserve in southwest England.
By the year 2050, temperatures will top 100 degrees Fahrenheit far more frequently.

How extreme summer heat affects your body and brain

By 2050, cities in the US and around the world are expected to see many more days with temperatures topping 100 degrees. Those rising temperatures have serious effects on physical health, mental health, and cognitive ability.
A woman uses a parasol to escape the heat on July 22, 2018 in Ginza Tokyo, Japan.

77 people have been killed and tens of thousands hospitalized in Japan’s scorching heat

Temperatures reached an all-time record 41.1 degrees Celcius (105.8 Farenheit) on Monday in Kumagaya, a city northwest of Tokyo, as a heatwave continues to sweep Japan. Japan's Meteorological Agency has warned temperatures are a "threat to life."
Women enjoy a day in the pool in the Queens borough of New York, during a heat wave on July 24, 2016.

A major heat wave is about to fry the East Coast — here’s what’s coming

It's going to be a hot weekend, and meteorologists expect this summer to be a scorching one overall. Temperatures are expected to be much higher than average between July and September.

Heat waves will keep more airplanes on the ground in coming years, new research suggests

Some planes can't fly if temperatures pass a certain threshold around 120 degrees. As temperatures rise due to climate change, this could pose a major problem.

The US will be unrecognizable by the end of this century

Miserably hot summers are not the worst problem facing us in coming decades. Rising seas, an uptick in wildfires, and more invasive insects are on their way.

This week is going to set hot weather records all across the US

If you think it's too warm this week, you're note alone. The US is facing record-breaking heat from Phoenix, Arizona to Birmingham, Alabama, to Atlantic City.

An unbearable heat wave plaguing New Yorkers may also be causing roaches to fly

Flying cockroaches are loving this warm and steamy weather.

Here’s why it will be so unbearably hot this weekend

Most of the country will be gripped by dangerously high temperatures. Here's why.