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Investors are reportedly pulling out of Bill Ackman’s hedge fund at a ‘rapid pace’

Pershing Square's total assets reportedly declined by 12% in the first quarter of 2018, falling to $8.2 billion.
Andrew Left says Canadian e-commerce company Shopify is "a business dirtier than Herbalife."

Short seller Andrew Left says he’s found a ‘business dirtier than Herbalife’

Andrew Left of Citron Research tweeted that the Canadian company Shopify was "a business dirtier than Herbalife," and he released a YouTube video and report.

Herbalife has a plan that could ‘squeeze’ hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman's short position in Herbalife may be squeezed after the company executes a $600 million Dutch auction.

Herbalife held talks to go private, and its stock is jumping

Herbalife shares were up about 8% Monday morning after the company disclosed that it had discussions to go private.

Traders are piling into Bill Ackman’s favorite short bet

As Herbalife's stock price starts to weaken, long-time pessimist Bill Ackman is finally making money on his short trade. And other investors are joining him.

Herbalife is sliding after naming a new CEO

Herbalife also reported earnings of $1.12 per share against estimates of $1.09 per share.

CARL ICAHN: Bill Ackman is a liar

Icahn shoots back on Herbalife

After three years of Herbalife, Bill Ackman still doesn’t get Carl Icahn

Bill Ackman thinks that Carl Icahn's attempt to sell his Herbalife stake is capitulation. It's really just a sign that Icahn is moving on.

ACKMAN: ‘If Carl sells, it can accelerate the demise of the company’

Carl Icahn has explored selling his stake in Herbalife to investors via Jefferies.