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Stop blaming the machines. Algorithms aren’t causing the wild stock market swings.

Big fund managers tend to blame algorithmic trading when things go haywire in the stock market.

A Wall Street trading giant is riding the volatility wave

Virtu Financial, the high frequency trading firm, is riding the volatility wave sweeping Wall Street.

Jesse Eisenberg will star in a film about the traders that have been vilified on Wall Street

Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard are joining the Wall Street ranks. Sort of.

High-speed traders now dominate the most important market in the world, and it is freaking some people out

Regulation has discouraged Wall Street banks from making markets in US government bonds. While banks have pulled back, high-frequency traders have piled in.

High-frequency traders are now dominating another huge market

Super-fast traders appear to have moved in on the US Treasury bond market in a big way.