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Fewer high school students in the US are playing sports.

For the first time in 3 decades, fewer high school students are playing sports

The decline comes on the heels of renewed safety concerns surrounding football and multiple studies linking the sport to long term brain damage.

These 20 states have the most experienced public school teachers

Research shows experienced teachers can lead to better outcomes for students. INSIDER found the top 20 states with the most experienced teachers.

The 25 best private high schools in America

Many of these high schools cost as much as it does to go to college.

The 25 best STEM high schools in the US

U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the best high schools in America, gathering data on more than 21,000 public schools across the country.

The 25 best charter high schools in the US

U.S. News looked at graduation rates, college readiness, and how well students perform within their state to find the top charter schools in the country.

The 24 best private high schools in the Northeast

Niche looked at over 8,000 private schools in the US, rating them based on test scores, college-matriculation rates, student-survey responses, and more.

The 25 most expensive elite boarding schools in America

These are the most elite boarding schools with the highest tuitions.

The 20 richest boarding schools in America

These schools boast endowments larger than some universities.

The 16 most selective boarding schools in America

Here are the elite boarding schools with the lowest acceptance rates.

The 25 best school districts in America

Some families are so intent on sending their kids to the best schools that they relocate to join new school districts.