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The men's Columbia SH/FT OutDry Mid in teal/purple — a clear nod to Columbia's 90s-era color-blocking.

This hiking shoe from Columbia appeals to sneakerheads, too — here’s what it’s like to wear

One of Columbia's newest shoes, the SH/FT OutDry Mid, is built to handle outdoor trails and elements without compromising style and comfort for city living.

The best men’s hiking boots

Head into the great outdoors with the best hiking boots for men. We've climbed mountains to find the five best pairs of men's hiking boots.

These $140 Forsake shoes look like sneakers but are as rugged as boots — they’re waterproof, comfortable, and look great on hiking trails ...

Forsake's Phil Mid sneaker-boots are comfortable to wear for hours without getting sore arches, and made with full-grain leather for durability.