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16 staggering facts about the Fourth of July

Mind-boggling statistics reveal the numbers behind July Fourth traditions. For starters, Americans eat 150 million hot dogs each year on the Fourth.
Jeff Bezos, now the richest person in history, didn't create Amazon until he was 31 years old.

15 fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about Amazon

Here are some surprising things you likely didn't know about Jeff Bezos and Amazon's early days in Seattle.
From funky to fresh, Burger King's uniforms have changed a lot over the years.

These vintage photos of Burger King’s uniforms show how much the chain’s look has changed over time — along with its identity

Vintage photos of Burger King's uniforms show how much the brand's aesthetic have changed over the years, from funky to faded to Whopper stripes.
Whichever you prefer, it's good to be consistent.

The inventor of toilet paper rolls hung them in the ‘over’ position — and a modern homemaking expert says he was right

Should you put your toilet paper roll in the "over" or "under" position? Society's greatest debate has been settled at last.
Rich Romans scoffed at these fast food restaurants — but that didn't stop some from visiting.

Fast food has existed since ancient Rome — where restaurants sold fish sauce and baked cheese — and narrowly survived 2 emperors

Fast food isn't a modern invention. The ancient Romans used to chow down at places called thermopolia.
Bessie Coleman is one of many impressive women in aviation history.

13 groundbreaking female pilots throughout history who shattered the glass ceiling

Throughout history, groundbreaking female pilots have shattered the glass ceiling by taking to the skies.
George Takei singing on "Secret Talents of the Stars."

13 TV shows that were canceled after just one night

DC Universe's "Swamp Thing" was canceled after airing just a single episode, but it is far from the only show that got axed so soon.

YouTube’s crackdown on extremist videos has inadvertently shut down educational channels featuring old Nazi footage

The videos were taken down in the wake of YouTube's announcement it would crack down on videos that glorify Nazi and other extremist ideologies.
Is Andrew Garfield actually Leon Trotsky?

25 celebrities the internet is convinced are immortal

Is Jack Black a time traveler? Have Nicolas Cage and John Travolta been warring for centuries? And just how long has Jay Z been in Brooklyn?
Many cocktails have mysterious name origins.

How 10 popular cocktails got their name

From Sex on the Beach to margaritas, here's how some of the most popular cocktails have supposedly gotten their names.