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The restored 19th century mansion was modeled after Louis XIII's hunting lodge at Versailles.

See inside the $3.6 million Gilded Age Newport mansion Jennifer Lawrence just got married in

Jennifer Lawrence got married at a 19th-century mansion that was home to a horse-obsessed bachelor, a suffragette Vanderbilt, and, supposedly, ghosts.

An abandoned nuclear missile site is next to one of New York City’s most popular beaches, and this is what it’s like inside

Insider visited an abandoned Cold War era military base secluded by maritime forest in New York City.
Catherine McCormack.

A ceiling in Winston Churchill’s ancestral home tells the story of an eccentric duchess

An art historian looked at 40 ceilings around the world, and found that's what above us tells numerous stories.
The story of NASA's "missing" Lunar Module 14 likely ended in tragedy, and perhaps a rebirth.

NASA isn’t sure what happened to one of its last Apollo moon landers. The truth is probably depressing.

Grumman Aircraft designed and built lunar modules for NASA during the Apollo program. A handful never made it to space, though.
A user rides a Spin scooter on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco, California.

6 key moments in history that made Silicon Valley the tech capital of the world, according to a historian

A Silicon Valley historian explains how six key moments shaped the region, from Stanford's budget crisis to expanding the San Jose airport.
US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornets fly in formation on March 12, 2019.

The US Navy is 244 years old today. Here are 42 powerful images from its iconic history.

The US Navy has long been the most visible part of America's military might with visits to far flung ports and operations all over the world.
A television set in the 1930s.

What 14 everyday items looked like when they first came out

Inventions such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines looked very different when they first came out.
Grumpy Cat appears on NBC News' "Today" show in 2014.

The 20 most famous animals of all time

From Seabiscuit to Bambi, Bruce the shark to Kermit the frog, these are 20 of the most famous animals in history.
A group of trick-or-treaters during the 1960s.

The most popular Halloween costumes over the past 150 years — and the fascinating history behind how costume trends have changed

Insider spoke with a Halloween expert who has written books about folklore and popular culture, and she explained Halloween costume trends over the years.

Inside the controversial 70-year journey to build Crazy Horse, the world’s largest monument that still isn’t finished

In 1948 work began on Crazy Horse, a Native American monument in South Dakota. It's still not finished 71 years on. Here's what's happened.