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One of the coats left around New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Mysterious coats began popping up around a Massachusetts town, and now their donor wants to start a movement

An animal rescue in Massachusetts started leaving coats out all over their local community. Now they're hoping others will follow suit.
The author and his family.

I’ve started teaching my 2 young children to be grateful for everything they have with a few basic strategies, and so far, it seems to be workin...

Here are the ways we're trying to instill a sense of gratitude in our children, including by encouraging them to donate their toys.
This sweater doesn't look comfortable at all.

6 times ugly Christmas sweaters went horribly wrong

People get a little crafty during the holidays. But making a DIY sweater isn't as easy as it seems and some don't exactly spread holiday cheer.
The home from "A Christmas Story."

What 10 famous Christmas movie destinations look like in real life

Christmas movies have some of the most recognizable locations — here's what 10 of them look like in real life.
Starbucks holiday drinks.

I tried every holiday drink that Starbucks has on the menu this year — here’s what I thought

Starbucks has six holiday drinks on offer this season, including staples like the Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte. Some were better than others.

Target pops after raising guidance thanks to strong holiday sales

Target's stock rose in pre-market trading after it posted a better-than-expected holiday sales report in November and December.
Valparaiso, Chile, has one of the world's best New Year's celebrations.

10 massive New Year’s Eve parties that are worth traveling for

Times Square isn't the only New Year's celebration worth adding to your bucket list. Here are the some best destinations to visit for the holiday.

How 2 Chainz plans to make millions for a good cause with his ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters

2 Chainz raised nearly $2 million selling Christmas sweaters for charity last year, and he tells us he's back again this year with a renewed focus on the needy.

Black Friday has been dethroned — there’s a new biggest shopping day of the year

The significance of Black Friday has waned as retailers have started launching post-Thanksgiving sales earlier, with many starting them on Thanksgiving Day.