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15 St. Patrick’s Day facts that might surprise you

Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is the fourth most popular drinking day in America? Keep reading for more hard-to-believe facts about the holiday.
Typical child workers in the early 1900s.

9 holidays around the world with surprisingly dark origins

Despite how they might be celebrated today, some holidays don't have the happiest history. From Purim to St. Patrick's Day, here are nine holidays with dark origins.

9 books you can finish in a long weekend that will make you a more well-rounded person

These books will entertain and educate you about everything from human behavior to public speaking to building your dream career.
The author and his family.

I’ve started teaching my 2 young children to be grateful for everything they have with a few basic strategies, and so far, it seems to be workin...

Here are the ways we're trying to instill a sense of gratitude in our children, including by encouraging them to donate their toys.

20 photos that show how the White House and the royal family decorate for the holidays

Here's how the first family of the United States and the British royal family decorated their respective residences for the holidays this year.
GiftNow guarantees everyone on your list will love their gift.

GiftNow is a new and easy way to send a last-minute gift from stores like Target and Uniqlo without guessing what size or color they want — here...

Send last-minute gifts they'll love with GiftNow. Stores like Target, Uniqlo, Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors are currently working with GiftNow.
Holiday brainteasers.

10 holiday-themed brainteasers to get you in the Christmas spirit — can you solve them all?

Here are 10 festive brainteasers to get you into the holiday spirit.
Holiday weight gain may not be as significant as you've been led to believe.

Here’s why you shouldn’t stress too much about holiday weight gain, according to dietitians

Worries about holiday weight gain are common, but stressing about calories could backfire and spur overeating, experts say.
Santa is getting ready for Christmas at his office in Finland.

Thousands of people visit this picture-perfect Arctic village every year to see Santa’s ‘office’

There's an actual office in the Arctic where Santa Claus conducts some very important business. Here's what it looks like inside.

I flew home for the holidays on a little-known airline with zero wait time that feels like a chartered jet, and I’m never flying ‘normally...

I flew from the Bay Area to Los Angeles on a boutique but affordable airline called JetSuiteX. Here's how the private company manages to charge less for a superior flying experience.