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The basic Kindle is an affordable e-reader with a front-lit screen.

Amazon’s entry-level Kindle is a great ereader for people on a budget who want to get into ebooks

The entry-level Amazon Kindle is a great ereader for people who are unsure about ebooks or those who want to save money. Here's our review.

While Americans await their stimulus checks — or a short-term universal basic income — Spain moves to permanent basic income for low-incom...

"We're going to do it as soon as possible," Spain's minister of economic affairs said, adding that she hopes the move will be "permanent."
It's easy to reset the network settings on an Android phone or tablet.

How to reset your network settings on an Android to fix connection issues and speed up your internet

You can reset the network settings on your Android phone or tablet by heading to your device's Settings app.

How to manually change the time on your Android device in 4 simple steps

You can easily change the time on Android manually or by turning on the automatic date and time feature.
You can delete your Reddit account in a few steps on your computer.

How to permanently delete your Reddit account and posting history

You can permanently delete your Reddit account by navigating to the website on a desktop web browser.
It's easy to delete contacts from your Android phone or tablet.

How to delete contacts on your Android device to clear out numbers you don’t need

You can delete contacts on an Android phone through the default Contacts app, either one-by-one or all at once.
You can find the IMEI number on an Android in two ways.

How to save voicemails on your Android using a built-in app or third-party alternative

If you want to save voicemails on Android, there are a few ways to save them using a built-in or third-party app.

Apple could be on the verge of releasing a new iPhone that’s almost half the price of the iPhone 11. Here’s everything we know so far.

Apple's cheap iPhone, expected to be called the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2, is likely coming soon. Here's everything we know.
Cardiac-surgery patients were moved so the space could be converted to critical-care rooms for COVID-19 patients.

Dispensed: It’s hard to feel safe on the front lines, healthcare workers face pay cuts, and some good news

Welcome to Dispensed. This week, the next coronavirus hotspots, why summer's likely canceled, and a plane full of N95 masks.
It should only take a moment to turn off Memojis in iOS 13.

How to turn off Memojis in iOS 13 or iPadOS, and disable the Memoji keyboard

When you turn off Memojis in iOS 13, you won't be able to send Memoji stickers or videos from your iPhone.