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Beth Comstock is the former vice chair of GE and the author of the book "Imagine It Forward."

‘It’s not like I had this well-oiled plan’: Former GE and NBC exec Beth Comstock reached the C-Suite by taking things one day at a t...

Beth Comstock spent 27 years working for GE, rising to the position of vice chair. She recently took a chance to consider the most important lessons of her adult life, and shared many of them with Business Insider.
Chick-fil-A reigns supreme among the teens.

Here are the 5 fast-food chains that teens are obsessed with

Chick-fil-A is teens' favorite restaurant, Piper Jaffray's biannual survey found. Here are the five restaurant chains that teens surveyed said they loved the most.
Alli Webb, founder of Drybar.

When the founder of a multimillion-dollar company met her now-CEO, she disliked him immediately — but a 20-minute conversation changed her mind

Drybar was founded by Alli Webb with her husband and brother, and they eventually felt pressure from investors to hire a professional CEO. When Webb first met now-CEO John Heffner, she thought he wasn't a good fit — but changed her impression completely after chatting for 20 minutes.
The Galaxy S9, left, and the Pixel 3.

Google’s amazing Pixel 3 and the sleek Samsung Galaxy S9 are 2 of the best Android smartphones on the market — here’s which one you ...

There are several differences and similarities between Samsung's Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 3. If it all boils down to these two phones, the choice is harder than ever before.

Battle of the big phones: How Google’s new Pixel 3 XL compares to the jumbo iPhone XS Max

Both Apple and Google have released big smartphones in the last few months: the iPhone XS Max and the Pixel 3 XL, respectively. Here's how the two extra-large devices compare.
Steve Case is the founding CEO of AOL and the chairman and CEO of the venture capital firm Revolution.

Billionaire AOL cofounder Steve Case says he waited 10 years for the moment he realized his company was a success

AOL founding CEO Steve Case said that when America Online went public, "no one cared." It took a decade of pushing against skeptics, he said, before he knew he had built something impactful.

iPhone users thinking of switching to Android should pick Google’s Pixel 3 phones for the best Android experience

Other Android phones are great, but the Pixel 3 will give you the best experience.

Google’s Pixel 3 could be the last smartphone you ever need to buy

Google's new Pixel 3 is an impressive smartphone that checks off every box. While it's not the most thrilling smartphone on the market, it doesn't need to be — it's a workhorse device with the best camera on the market.
Steve Case is the founding CEO of AOL and the chairman and CEO of the venture capital firm Revolution.

‘We believe we will prove them wrong’: Billionaire AOL founder Steve Case says skepticism around his ‘Rise of the Rest’ projec...

Steve Case helped usher in the first wave of internet companies with AOL, and is now trying to get ahead of "the third wave," but through an ambitious investment project across the United States.

Google’s Pixel 3XL is for people who want the best smartphone, not the best design

The real beauty of Google's new big-screened Pixel 3XL phone goes a lot further than skin deep.