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A February study from Stanford University suggests Juul's 5.9% nicotine products have lead other e-cigarette companies to increase their nicotine content, starting a "nicotine arms race."

San Francisco’s most popular e-cigarette brand Juul may have pushed rival brands to compete in a ‘nicotine arms race.’ Now all e-cig...

Some experts say higher nicotine e-cigs like Juul may be as harmful as traditional cigarettes. The San Francisco ban is the first in the U.S.

These are Apple’s 3 best inventions since the iPhone

For years, Apple was "the Macintosh company." Then, it became "the iPod company." Now, it's "the iPhone company." But it's really more than that.

Chick-fil-A is taking over America by offering the best customer service in fast food

For the fourth year in a row, Chick-fil-A was named America's most beloved fast-food chain in the American Customer Satisfaction Index annual survey.

Wendy’s is bringing back its iconic spicy chicken nuggets this August

In May, Wendy's said that if two million people people liked a tweet, it would bring back the beloved menu item.

Apple’s biggest MacBook Pro laptop in 8 years could be coming in September

Apple will release a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen this September according to a new report, making it the firm's biggest laptop in years.
You can turn off auto-brightness on an iPhone, and manually change your brightness at any time.

How to turn off auto-brightness on your iPhone, and manually change its brightness in 2 ways

You can turn off auto-brightness on your iPhone with a few taps, and manually change the phone's brightness in two ways. Here's how to do each.
There are a bunch of good ways to make YouTube easier and better to use.

I use these 15 little YouTube tricks on a daily basis, and it makes the experience so much better

There are a bunch of little tips and tricks for YouTube on both mobile devices and computers that you might not have come across yet.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s been ‘playing with fasting’ and only eats one meal per day. Here are the diets of other notable te...

Some of the richest people in tech have pretty terrible, or bizarre, eating habits. From Musk to Zuckerberg, here's what their diets look like.

10 companies you’ve never heard of control more than 50 of the biggest restaurant chains in the world

Ten companies control more than 50 of the biggest names in the chain restaurant business, from Panera to Burger King.

A Samsung exec says that it’s fixed the problems that made the $2000 Galaxy Fold break for some reviewers — but there’s still no rel...

"Most" of the issues with the Galaxy Fold have apparently been fixed, which is better than nothing...but still not that reassuring.