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The best tea kettles

Whether you want a cup of tea or just boiling water, a tea kettle can help heat your water faster. These are the best electric and stovetop kettles.

Grove Collaborative makes natural hand soap and dishwashing soap that actually gets me excited to do the dishes

The brand's generic soaps smell amazing, are made of plant-based ingredients, and promote eco-friendly practices with refill packs and glass bottles.

These home and kitchen startups want you to stay in more — here’s how they’re capitalizing on exhaustion

Online startups like Brooklinen want to help shoppers create a home they're excited to live in — and for which they have plenty of products.
This truck was turned into a tiny house.

The most unique tiny homes on the market right now in the US

Some tiny houses up for sale on Tiny House Listings have unique architecture and creative design features.

The best dish soap

Washing dishes may not be fun, but with our picks for the best dish soap you can buy, at least you'll get them done fast.

Grove Collaborative makes buying eco-friendly household cleaning supplies convenient — there’s also a refill subscription so you’ll ...

Certified B Corp Grove Collaborative wants to make it as easy as possible to shop brands you'll feel good about using in your home and on your body.

How to make perfect French press coffee at home in 5 easy steps

Here are five simple steps for making simple unfiltered coffee from a French press, or cafetière à piston.

These up-and-coming kitchen startups are using the expertise of famous chefs to help build on the success of their cookware

Made In and Material are making cookware so good that they've attracted the attention of Tom Colicchio, The Alinea Group, and Alison Roman.

The best can openers

Here are the best can openers you can buy whether you prefer an electric one, a handy manual style, or even one you can keep on your keychain.

This carbon steel pan combines the best traits of cast iron skillets and stainless steel pans — after using it myself, I get why professional ch...

The Blue Carbon Steel Pan is a rare piece of cookware that comes with few compromises. It's lightweight, heats evenly, and sears food like a dream.