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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky

Airbnb denies a report that it rejected a plan to require government IDs to sign up for the home-sharing service because it might hurt growth

The company has lately come under fire for lax security governing the platform, which has been blamed for a host of problems that ensued.

Airbnb bans party houses, says guests who violate house rules can be kicked off platform

Starting in early 2020, Airbnb plans to ban unauthorized parties and introduce new guest rules to address growing trust and safety concerns.

Airbnb is in a war with Booking.com, and taking advantage of that fact can save you a ton of money

Home-rental service Airbnb is now directly competing with travel booking sites like Booking.com, with many properties listed on both sites. You can save a lot of money traveling if you compare listings across sites.

Airbnb is extending an olive branch to landlords — but it means you’ll make less on your listing

Airbnb is launching its Friendly Building Program, which allows landlords to set up an agreement with their tenants for listing apartments on the site.

Meet the startup that wants to help sublet your apartment — and is totally legal in New York

Flip is an advocate, assistant, and housing expert all rolled into one, and it's helping New Yorkers get out of tricky leases and find subletters.

See inside the $10,000 per night penthouse Airbnb is giving to celebrities for free

The 7,137-square-foot penthouse costs $10,000 per night, but Airbnb is picking up the tab for celebrity guests.

This startup is taking on Airbnb and Hotel Tonight by letting you find a place to crash at the last minute

Home-sharing app Overnight aims to be more than an Airbnb competitor with New York City launch.

Elizabeth Warren wants the government to study whether Airbnb puts people ‘at risk’

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Brian Schatz and Dianne Feinstein wrote a letter to the FTC asking it to examine Airbnb.