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Apple's $350 speaker, HomePod.

Apple is considering a low-cost HomePod, says KGI Securities

"We believe HomePod shipments could be far below market expectations," he wrote in a note on Friday seen by Business Insider.

Apple’s HomePod is too expensive, too limited, too late to market, and few people are buying it

It's $200 more expensive than its rivals. And those rivals do more than the HomePod, which is mostly limited to playing songs on Apple Music.
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California October 16, 2014.

Apple has its eye on the lucrative high-end audio market

Audiophiles are prepared to pay big money for high-end audio equipment, and Apple seems to be taking notice.

Spotify considers flagship smartphones and smart speakers from Amazon, Apple, and Google a threat to its business

Spotify considers a main source of competition to be hardware as well as software.

Apple’s ‘white ring’ problem reflects a surprising lapse in quality control, but industrial design experts say it shouldn’t be...

Industrial design experts are surprised that Apple didn't catch the HomePod white ring problem during quality assurance testing.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple probably makes less profit on the HomePod than Google and Amazon do on their speakers

The HomePod looks like one of the least successful Apple products, at least at its launch time.

Apple admits its new $350 speaker can leave permanent white rings on wooden surfaces and furniture

A few HomePod reviewers have noticed that the device can leave behind semipermanent white marks on some treated wooden surfaces.

9 reasons you should buy an Amazon Echo instead of an Apple HomePod

Amazon's second-generation Echo device has several advantages over Apple's HomePod.

There are 2 major reasons you should buy Apple’s HomePod over an Amazon Echo

If you care about audio quality, HomePod is worth considering.

Apple’s new $350 HomePod speaker sounds great — but there are 7 crucial things it can’t do

Apple's new HomePod combines phenomenal sound with the ease of Apple products — but it has several limitations.