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Singapore court allows gay man to adopt son born through surrogate in landmark ruling

This comes almost a year after his initial bid was rejected.

Mahathir has gone on Twitter and YouTube to air his thoughts about the public caning of two women who pleaded guilty for attempting lesbian sex

The Malaysian leader posted a video on Twitter and YouTube to air his thoughts on the punishment.

Here’s why two Malaysian women were publicly whipped for lesbian acts

Malaysia’s case is unusual, as punishments for female homosexuality are historically scarce, and typically limited to a verbal reprimand.

Roy Moore spokesperson says the GOP Senate candidate ‘probably’ thinks homosexual conduct should be illegal

This is not the first time Moore has suggested criminalizing homosexual conduct.

How Theresa May defended the law banning schools from educating children about homosexuality

May told the Leeds Student newspaper she supported the Section 28 legislation which banned schools from promoting homosexuality.

61% of Conservative voters believe gay sex is ‘unnatural’

Poll conducted 50 years after gay relationships were decriminalised in the UK finds widespread bigotry remains.