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Cleaners wash a street in the quarantined city of Wuhan with a high-pressure water gun on February 3, 2020.

Asian countries risk new waves of coronavirus infections when they lift lockdowns. The same could happen in the rest of the world.

Lift lockdown, get a new wave of cases, shut down again: "What happened in Wuhan could happen repeatedly to a city," one epidemiologist said.
A media video camera electronic viewfinder shows a passenger wearing a face mask and a makeshift plastic visor as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus after arriving at Hong Kong's international airport, March 19.

Hong Kong is bracing for a 2nd wave of coronavirus cases brought by people traveling from outside the city

A spate of new cases in the city is a warning sign that the virus could spread quickly, potentially with new clusters.
The coronavirus outbreak has caused three Disneyland locations to close.

The Louvre, the Met, and multiple Disney theme parks are closed because of the coronavirus. Here are all of the major museum and theme park closures s...

The spread of the coronavirus has led to temporary closures of the Louvre, the Met, Universal Studios Japan, multiple Disney locations, and more.
Health workers in protective gear at Cheung Hong Estate in Hong Kong in February 2020.

Some people who recover from the coronavirus might be left with ’20 to 30%’ less lung function, and gasping for breath when they walk quic...

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority made the discovery after observing the first wave of discharged patients in the city.
A woman sits on top of a "throne" made of boxes containing toilet paper in Toowoomba, Australia, on March 5, 2020.

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted people around the world to panic buy toilet paper. Here’s why.

An armed gang stole 600 rolls of toilet rolls in Hong Kong, while an Australian newspaper printed out blank pages to serve as toilet paper.
A worker in protective gear sprays disinfectant at a Daegu railway station as part of preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus on February 26, 2020

What you need to know about changing or canceling your travel plans because of the coronavirus, as outbreaks spread to every continent except Antarcti...

As COVD-19 continues to spread globally, airlines have begun to change or waive existing policies to allow people to more easily change travel plans.
A woman pushes a stroller with two dogs wearing masks along a street in Shanghai on February 19, 2020.

Hong Kong is warning people not to kiss their dogs after a Pomeranian tested positive for the coronavirus (though there’s no evidence dogs can b...

Health authorities say there's no evidence that dogs can be infected or can spread it to humans, but quarantined a dog out of caution.
A pet dog looks out of a car window at a checkpoint in Shandong, China.

A dog got put in coronavirus quarantine after testing a ‘weak positive,’ though it’s unclear whether it is actually infected

A Hong Kong pet with no COVID-19 symptoms tested positive for a low level of the new coronavirus, but it may be a mistake.

Hong Kong’s government is giving $1,284 to every permanent resident over 18

The relief measures, which cost $15.4 billion, have resulted in Hong Kong's first budget deficit in 15 years — $4.85 billion for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
Hong Kong Disney Land during the 2020 Lunar New Year amid the coronavirus outbreak (top), and during the 2006 Lunar New Year's regular season (bottom).

Photos of iconic tourist destinations in China, Italy, and Thailand reveal empty festivals, vacant water parks, and trapped people as the coronavirus ...

As the coronavirus outbreak forces flight cancelations and quarantines, the tourism industry is facing a slowdown.