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Hong Kong protests: Unarmed man seriously hurt after anti-government demonstrators attack him while others clapped

The man is seen kneeling down in surrender. But his attackers continue raining blows, cheered on by others who clap their hands.

Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing calls on those in power to show humanity and provide a ‘way out’ for young people in protest crisis

The billionaire says ‘both sides should try to put their feet in another’s shoes’, to turn big troubles into small ones.

Singaporeans are being asked to avoid these 2 areas in Hong Kong

Protests are set to take place at the Hong Kong International Airport at 1pm on Friday, and at the Yuen Long area in the New Territories on Saturday.

Black-clad, anti-extradition protesters flood streets of Hong Kong again

Opponents of the bill fear the law could put them at the mercy of the mainland Chinese justice system which is plagued by torture, forced confessions and arbitrary detentions.