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Chaos at Hong Kong’s Yuen Long MTR station as protesters confront police while marking one month since mob attack

Protesters gathered at MTR station demanding justice for victims of rampage by white-clad men on July 21.

CCTV footage shows Hong Kong policemen allegedly assaulting helpless elderly man on hospital stretcher

The policemen are seen repeatedly hitting the man in the head, abdomen and genitals, in a hospital.

Man at Hong Kong Lennon Wall asks for people’s views on extradition bill protests – then stabs them

The man stabbed his victims after hearing their views on the anti-government protests that have rocked the city.

Angelababy, Jackie Chan and Jordan Chan among celebrities supporting the Chinese flag after a protester threw it into the sea

These are the Hong Kong celebrities who have spoken up in support of China's flag.

Scenes of chaos in Hong Kong after protesters stop roads, MTR trains and even airplanes from taking off

Heated arguments erupted on MTR platforms, and one vehicle rammed into protesters in Yuen Long.

Chinese military can be deployed at Hong Kong’s request to contain protests, Beijing says

“Some behaviour of the radical protesters is challenging the authority of the central government and the bottom line of one country, two systems. This is intolerable.”

Public increasingly backing radical Hong Kong protesters despite unease over violence, say academics, as Carrie Lam’s government faces even grea...

“The general public may not support the mob that stormed the legislature, but that does not mean they would support the Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor government’s handling of the issue.”

Hong Kong’s affluent look to Singapore for insurance and wealth diversification, amid violent protests

Singapore Life says it has seen a 30 per cent uptick in demand from Hong Kong residents seeking insurance products in the past three months

The difference between Occupy and extradition protests: more Hongkongers now believe the use of violence is justified

“They are sad, angry, guilty and in despair. They have a strong desire to sacrifice themselves regardless of the consequences. This is very different from five years ago. It is very sad and a really dangerous sign.”