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Hong Kong is mired in recession, but its IPO market is the strongest since 2015 among everyday investors

The region's median retail subscription ratio, which measures interest in stock offerings, hit 13 times for IPOs since October, its highest since 2015.
US Navy crew members stand on deck of the USS Blue Ridge during a port call on April 20, 2019 in Hong Kong, China.

China actually started blocking US Navy port calls to Hong Kong months before its latest retaliatory move

China has rejected half a dozen US Navy port-call requests for stops in Hong Kong in the past six months, according to US Pacific Fleet.

The raging protests in Hong Kong have its retail sector shrinking the most in history

The value of retail sales dropped 24% in October from the same period last year, according to government data released Monday.
China and Hong Kong flag.

China suspends review of US requests to send military ships and aircraft to Hong Kong in response to Hong Kong human rights bill

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said on Friday that China would "take strong counter-measures" in response to the bill's signing.
Pro-democracy protesters hold posters of US President Donald Trump during a Thanksgiving Day rally at Edinburgh Place on November 28, 2019 in Hong Kong, China.

Hong Kong protesters waved posters of Trump’s Rocky tweet to thank him for signing law supporting them

The Chinese government is livid that Trump signed the bill, which authorizes sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials for human rights abuses.
A composite image of a Hong Kong protester preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail, and Batwoman doing the same in the upcoming comic book "Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child."

DC Comics pulled a new Batman comic book poster after Chinese fans claimed it supported Hong Kong protests

DC Comics yanked an ad campaign for "Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child," which shows a black-clad Batwoman preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail.
U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping pose for a photo ahead of their bilateral meeting during the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan, June 29, 2019

Trump signs bill to defend human rights in Hong Kong in a powerful act that is likely to further strain relations with China

"I signed these bills out of respect for President Xi, China, and the people Hong Kong," President Donald Trump said in a statement.

A Hong Kong stock just plunged 76% in 30 minutes

The drop comes after another Hong Kong stock, ArtGo, fell 98% in a single day last week.
A demonstrator throws a petrol bomb at police near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Kowloon district on November 18, 2019.

WeChat users in the US say the app is censoring their messages about Hong Kong

WeChat is a ubiquitous app in China, so for Chinese Americans with family there it is a major blow to be kicked off the app.
Xi in Beijing in June 2017.

Xi Jinping has had a highly embarrassing week that undermined China’s power in the world. Here’s why he probably doesn’t care.

This week China faced intense criticism for its treatment of Uighur Muslims, Hong Kong protesters, and Belt and Road Initiative partners.