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The men (not pictured) left the horse (not this actual horse) behind.

2 Amish men were pulled over for drinking while operating a horse and buggy

Two men in North Bloomfield, Ohio, were pulled over for drinking and operating a horse and buggy, which is considered a vehicle. They fled the scene.
Wild Horses on the Northern End of the Outer Banks on the Beach at Corolla North Carolina

Wild horses in North Carolina won’t be evacuated because they have their own trick to survive hurricanes

To brave the storm, Spanish mustangs will huddle together, their butts facing the wind. This tactic has apparently kept them safe for centuries.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is gifted a horse in Ulan Bator, Mongolia August 8, 2019.

Here’s why Trump’s new defense secretary is in Mongolia — and why he was gifted a tiny horse

The horses are native to Mongolia and are similar to the ones the legendary Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan rode into battle.

A horrific glitch in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is turning one road into a mass horse grave

Beware the nightmarish dirt path of Rhodes, where man and beast alike are set ablaze out of thin air.
An escaped horse burst into a bar in Chantilly, France, causing a disturbance last month.

An escaped racehorse burst into a bar in France, sending patrons fleeing

A horse caused a disturbance in Chantilly, France last month when it escaped its trainer and ran into a nearby bar.