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A true Pferdemädchen.

A Norwegian woman’s videos have gone viral because of how good she is at running and jumping like a horse

Ayla Kirstine has an unusual skill — she can canter with equine form and jump clean over some very high homemade jumps.

The federal government is offering $1,000 to anyone willing to adopt a wild horse

The government is offering to pay $1,000 for anyone interested in adopting a wild horse, thanks to a new program from the Bureau of Land Management.
Hermès is a major sponsor of the Winter Equestrian Festival, and the logo can be seen everywhere, like at this lounge for competitors.

This relatively unknown town in Florida has become a horse ‘Disneyland’ for the richest of the rich, including Bill Gates’ and Steve...

Wellington is a fantasy land for the horse obsessed, with Hermès fly bonnets, luxury stables, and diamond necklaces in the shape of horseshoes.

A horrific glitch in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is turning one road into a mass horse grave

Beware the nightmarish dirt path of Rhodes, where man and beast alike are set ablaze out of thin air.
"Red Dead Redemption 2" is set in the old West.

People keep accidentally killing their horses in the wildly popular ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Lots of gamers have shared videos of how they lost their horses in 'Red Dead Redemption 2.'

11 outlandish sports other countries love, but most Americans haven’t even heard of

There are plenty of other fascinating sports that we're missing out on in the United States. In many cases, some of the most compelling sports are ones that many Americans haven't even heard of.
For the lucky few who compete in it, show jumping is well worth the risks.

Inside the niche world of equestrian show jumping, the elite sport beloved by rich and famous kids like Jennifer Gates and Eve Jobs

For those who can afford to participate, show jumping offers millions of dollars of prize money and international glory.

Elon Musk just gave us a glimpse of the wild horses that roam near Tesla’s Gigafactory

Tesla's Gigafactory is surrounding by some breathtaking animals.

Police are hunting for suspects after 21 of the Queen’s horses were released from their field

They travelled along nearby roads and a motorway before being found hours later.