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Dr. Bryon Harbolt makes notes in Ann Cantrell's chart in his Cathedral Canyon Clinic in Altamont, Tennessee, July 14, 2013.

Alabama hospitals are out of ICU beds, Montgomery’s mayor says. That ‘dire’ situation could crop up across rural America as states r...

Experts say states are reopening just as the coronavirus is spreading through rural America, and that could max out more hospitals like Montgomery's.
Dr. Gregory Katz.

We’re doctors on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. This is what we tell patients who want to know if it’s safe to return to normal a...

"There isn't a blanket recommendation for everyone: This is about understanding your personalized risk."
Healthcare workers holding their care packages gifted by Peter Russell, second from right.

Meet the ‘fairy godfather’ of nurses, a 40-year-old fashion wholesaler who’s using his connections to gift designer clothes, handbag...

Peter Russell, who is based in LA, also spent $25,000 of his own money on items like face masks and groceries to send to hospital workers.
The Trump administration set up a fund for the uninsured. But Imad Khachan, a coronavirus patient who in uninsured, received a large medical bill after a hospital stay.

Trump and Congress tried to make coronavirus testing and treatment free, but people are still getting big bills when they go to the hospital

Imad Khachan, who owns a chess shop in New York City, received a bill for nearly $50,000 after a three-night hospital stay for the coronavirus.

The malaria pill hydroxycholoroquine failed to help coronavirus patients in 2 big studies

Two observational studies looking at thousands of hospitalized New Yorkers found that the drug's use wasn't associated with lower death rates.

Blood clots are a common and deadly complication of the coronavirus, and doctors are stepping up their efforts to prevent them

Doctors are now keeping an eye out for blood clots in coronavirus patients and giving them medicine to prevent strokes.
Anxiety is often misunderstood.

Dispensed: A week of drug developments, the plan to restart hospitals, and some non-coronavirus news

Welcome to Dispensed, BI's weekly healthcare newsletter. This week, the TLDR on remdesivir, a promising experimental coronavirus treatment.
Elon Musk has been active on Twitter this week rallying against California's lockdown orders.

‘Maybe it has covid’: California’s health department website crashed a minute after Elon Musk linked to it in Twitter tirade

His tweet almost immediately caused California's Open Data Portal to go down because of a "spike in traffic," health officials told Business Insider.
Mary and Wilford Kepler, who were together for 73 years, died within six hours of one another after battling the coronavirus.

A Wisconsin couple were together 73 years before they died of coronavirus just 6 hours apart

A Wisconsin hospital put Mary and Wilford Kepler in the same hospital room with their beds pushed together so they wouldn't have to be apart.
Dr Jack Manley (left), a surgeon who transferred to the ER at the start of the UK's coronavirus outbreak, pictured delivering food to an NHS colleague on his day off

What it’s like in an emergency room fighting the coronavirus, according to a British doctor who voluntarily transferred to the front line

Jack Manley, 29, has been working at University College Hospital ER, London, since January. It has been a challenging but fulfilling time for him.