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‘This is cheap s—! Who told you to buy this?’: Trump went apoplectic against a hotel executive for installing cheap marble that he c...

In the 1980s, Donald Trump threw a fit for choosing green Chinese marble for a bathroom's decor, rather than a more expensive Italian verde.

There’s a ’60s ski lodge-themed bar that sells $16 spiked hot chocolate on the rooftop of JFK’s only airport hotel. Here’s a l...

At TWA Hotel's rooftop bar, you can sip specialty cocktails and nosh on fondue while watching planes take off.

Viceroy Chicago is a luxury hotel with high-end design, great city views, and surprisingly affordable rates in low season

Viceroy Chicago is a study in enduring midcentury modern style, mixed here with luxury accommodations close to Chicago's best shopping and attractions.
The design of Chanel's iconic tweed suits was inspired by fishing and hunting outfits Grosvenor wore at Rosehall.

A decaying mansion that was once Coco Chanel’s ‘love nest’ is about to become a luxury hotel. Take a look inside the Scottish estate...

During a 1927 visit, Winston Churchill described the home as "a very agreeable house in a Highland valley."
The Court is a hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland, that used to house a prison, courthouse, and police chambers.

You can spend the night in a ‘sleep cell’ at a trendy Scotland hostel that was once a jail

The Court hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a revamped courthouse and prison with private sleeping "cells" that are both eerie and cozy.
The space-themed sleeping pods have futuristic blue lights.

An Iceland hostel’s space pods let ‘Star Wars’ fans feel like they’re sleeping in a galaxy far, far away

The futuristic accommodations at the Galaxy Pod Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland, will transport "Star Wars" fans to another galaxy.
I went to the Plaza, the St. Regis, and the Peninsula to get in the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

I went hotel lobby-hopping in NYC, and I think it’s the best free way to enjoy the holiday season in any city

I was determined to beat the crowds and save money this holiday season. So I crashed some NYC hotel lobbies to get in the holiday spirit.

I spent a night at the newly renovated Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas and didn’t miss the Strip at all

The Palms Las Vegas feels sophisticated and luxurious after recent upgrades. With rooms starting at $50, it's also an excellent value for all travelers.

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa might be Disneyland’s most expensive hotel, but it poses the best value for Disney fans

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is Anaheim's most deluxe, and expensive, hotel. But Disney perks like private entrance and early entry offer unmatched value.
The Burj Al Arab in Dubai 1,300 employees for the hotel's 202 suites — everything from chefs and mixologists to florists, locker room attendants, and hosts.

15 things I learned about hotels and Airbnbs after traveling the world for a year

In the last year, I've stayed in nearly 100 hotels and Airbnbs that run the range from ultra-budget to mid-tier to luxury. Here are my best tips.