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Cory and Jennifer outside of their home.

A couple bought the house that inspired ‘The Conjuring’ — and surprise, it’s haunted

Cory Heinzen, one of the new homeowners, told INSIDER that he and his wife, Jennifer, knew the house's history when they purchased it in June.
This tiny house costs $18,800 to purchase on Amazon.

Amazon sells a $19,000 do-it-yourself tiny-home kit that takes only 2 days to build — here’s what it looks like inside

Tiny houses have cropped up in popularity as housing prices are rising and minimalistic downsizing is becoming more trendy.

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire ever and already building a real estate empire — here’s a tour of her luxurious homes

Kylie Jenner just bought her fifth house with boyfriend Travis Scott — and it only cost $13.45 million. Here's a look at her real estate ventures.

This $5 million dome-shaped home, known among locals as ‘The Star Wars Home,’ is hurricane-resistant and available to buy for the first ti...

South Carolina's "Eye of the Storm" dome home was constructed in 1991, but on the market for the first time. It was built by inflating a giant balloon before spraying it with concrete and lining it with steel. As a result, the "Star Wars Home" is not only beautiful, but durable.
Christoph Kaiser originally bought the silo off of Craigslist to store his garden tools before eventually deciding to transform it into a home.

These newlyweds transformed a grain silo into a gorgeous tiny home — and they say it’s done wonders for their relationship

Christoph Kaiser and Shauna Thibault transformed the metal structure into their home and moved in as newlyweds. Among the challenges they faced and overcame, like adding furniture that could align with the home's cylindrical walls, was spending their first year of marriage in the teensy abode.
The home sits at the end of a prestigious cul-de-sac in Menlo Park, Calif.

Former Apple manager Dale Fuller’s gorgeous mansion, ‘the trophy of Menlo Park,’ boasts a 1,600-bottle wine cellar and is for sale f...

Fuller purchased the estate in the late 1990s, spending four years renovating it with personal touches like reclaimed French brick for the floor of the 1,600-bottle wine cellar. The Menlo Park home boasts six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a pool, a pool house pavilion and a three-car garage.

14 houses built in seemingly impossible locations

To escape the hassles of everyday living, some people build houses where no one can bother them — even if that's in a tree or on the side of a mountain.

Everything you know about millennial spending is about to change

More millennials are becoming parents, and that has huge implications for the home-buying, car, retail, and food industries.

Nobody wants to buy Peter Thiel’s $8 million San Francisco mansion

The property, which used to be made up of two separate homes, just got a price chop.