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Young people, the target market for starter homes, are not buying starter homes at the same rates as past generations.

The rise and fall of the starter home — why millennials are choosing to rent instead of own

The cost of buying a starter home is on the rise, and many millennials are choosing to rent instead.
The median home listing price in the US is nearly $280,000.

The most expensive and affordable states to buy a house, ranked

Home prices have increased significantly since the 1960s, when the median price of a home was less than $100,000 in today's dollars.
High housing prices are pushing millennials out of the city and into the suburbs.

Millennials are following in baby boomers’ footsteps and heading for the suburbs — but there’s a key difference in how they’re...

Millennials are reviving the suburbs as they flee cities in search of more affordable housing, reported The Wall Street Journal.
Real-estate investors are buying starter homes before millennials can get to them.

Starter homes are becoming a battleground between millennials looking for their first house and investors swooping in with all-cash offers — and...

Real-estate investors are buying starter homes before millennials — who are already struggling with high housing prices — can get to them.
The Los Angeles skyline.

Here’s the salary you’ll need if you want to afford a mortgage in 17 major US cities

Housing prices in the US are skyrocketing: Over the past two years, mortgage payments across US cities increased twice as much as incomes.
It takes a lot of money to live comfortably in New York City.

13 mind-blowing facts that show just how expensive New York City really is

In NYC, private preschools can cost more than $50,000, the typical rent is twice what it is nationally, and homebuyers are living in basements.

9 mind-blowing facts about the millennial housing market

Faced with financial challenges, it's no wonder millennials are buying different types of homes and in different types of locations than their parents

3 steps everyone should take if they want to own real estate by age 30

Aspiring real-estate owners should establish a property goal, quantify the down payment, and become knowledgeable about real estate.
People are sleeping cars because they can't afford rent.

Rents in cities across the US are more expensive than ever before. Here are 5 drastic measures people are taking to avoid rising housing costs.

Housing in America's biggest cities are unaffordable for many residents — and they're living in basements, cars, and houseboats instead.
The last of the millennials are graduating college in 2019.

2019 is the final class of millennial college graduates. Next stop: The Great American Affordability Crisis.

The last graduating millennials are walking into increased costs for college tuition, housing, healthcare, and childcare. What can be done about it?