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MINI Living's Beijing prototype

BMW designed these tiny luxury cabins for city life — take a look inside

As part of its MINI Living design series, BMW has debuted a series of urban cabins, which offer a temporary space that's even smaller than the standard tiny home.
Hudson Yards in Manhattan.

Manhattan home sales plunge as sellers refuse to get ‘realistic’ about what buyers can afford

Home sales in Manhattan have slowed for four straight quarters, according to Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Sales are softening largely because many home sellers have unrealistic expectations relative to what buyers can afford, the company found.
Munich is at bubble risk.

UBS: The housing markets in these 6 cities are closest to a bubble

There are housing affordability crises in many more cities because housing costs have risen faster than incomes, according to UBS' 2018 Global Real Estate Bubble Index. Policymakers will need to step in, but the appropriate response could be challenging to nail down.
Manhattan real estate prices have suffered their worst second quarter since the financial crisis.

BANK OF AMERICA: The most important segment of the housing market has peaked

The top is in for existing-home sales, which make up 90% of transactions in the US, according to economists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. They no longer expect existing-home sales to contribute to the economy's growth.
San Francisco is on the list.

The 16 cities where Americans struggle the most to pay rent

Home prices have been rising faster than incomes, and builders aren't able to keep up with the demand for affordable housing. In Los Angeles for example, rent costs more than 100% of the typical income for the lowest-earning residents.
Starcity is taking over a residential building in Los Angeles that was once used for housing interns at Snapchat parent company Snap Inc.

A startup turning old hotels and offices into housing for San Francisco’s forgotten middle-class is expanding to LA

Starcity, a startup that buys old hotels and commercial buildings and turns them into shared living spaces for San Francisco's middle class, is opening its first residential building in Los Angeles. The new community will offer 31 units of housing in Venice Beach.

Go inside the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco, where home prices have appreciated over 110% in the last 6 years

In 2014, the north slope of Bernal Heights was named the hottest neighborhood in America. Real-estate prices have skyrocketed since.

20 of the best places in the US to save up and buy your first home

Saving for a down payment to buy a home isn't easy these days, but it can a little easier depending on where you live. RealEstate.com recently looked at the best places where first-time home buyers can save for a 20% down payment the fastest. See which cities are best for first-time homebuyers.
A tent city for the homeless in downtown Reno, Nevada.

A ‘boogeyman in the housing market’ is making it tougher for Americans to own homes, Morgan Stanley says

Home sales in the US are slowing, and the bogeyman is affordability, Morgan Stanley analysts say. Americans are spending the most money in almost a decade on mortgage payments as a share of their incomes, they said.
With Bachman gone, fan favorite Jian Yang gets more screen time.

San Francisco’s housing market is so out of control, 60% of tech workers say they can’t afford homes

The San Francisco Bay Area's housing market is so bleak, even tech workers are struggling to buy homes. A survey by Blind found that 59% of employees at Bay Area tech companies said they cannot afford to purchase a house.