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A view of the village of Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy.

A picturesque Sicilian town succeeded in selling off its abandoned homes after auctions started at just $1

Sambuca is just one of a number of rural, Italian towns opting to auction off homes for as little as $1 in a bid to encourage repopulation.
Giving up coffee isn't the key to saving more money.

Forget coffee and avocado toast — most people blow nearly 40% of their money in the same place

To save more money, you have to cut back in the areas where you're spending the most.

Home sales in the Hamptons just slumped to the lowest level in 7 years

Americans still wanted in on luxurious homes in the Hamptons at the beginning of 2019, but they weren't willing to pay as much as in the past.
People in Seattle spend the most on food annually.

What average Americans spend in a year in 22 major cities

Americans spend the bulk of their money on housing, food, and transportation. Here's what it looks like in different US cities.

Top White House economist says Zillow estimates suggest Trump’s tax overhaul hasn’t affected housing prices

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said Tuesday he hasn't seen any evidence the GOP tax reform passed in 2017 has impacted housing prices.

Trump’s tax reform is contributing to the housing-market slowdown, New York Fed finds

The Republican tax reform package passed in 2017 appears to be partly behind the slowing housing market.
Zungoli, Italy

2 towns in Italy are selling homes for just $1, but there’s a catch

Two Italian towns, Zungoli and Mussomeli, are selling homes for just one euro, or roughly one dollar, amid Italy's struggling economy.
A tiny home village in Denver, Colorado.

A major Silicon Valley city is putting homeless people in tiny home villages

The project is one of many proposed solutions to San Jose's housing shortage.
Storm clouds pass over the top of the Empire State Building in New York, June 13, 2013.

Manhattan real-estate sales just booked their worst first quarter since the financial crisis

Manhattan real-estate sales just booked their worst first quarter since the financial crisis
Construction workers are pictured building a new home in Vienna, Virginia, outside of Washington, October 20, 2014.

Housing stocks have come roaring back after being left for dead

Housing stocks are on fire after a bruising 2018, even as some of the data weakens.