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The skyline is already littered with high-rises and construction cranes.

Virginia is now the sole winner of Amazon’s HQ2. Here’s what its planned neighborhood looks like right now.

Amazon is locating its second headquarters in National Landing, Virginia, a newly created area close to Washington, D.C. Here's what it looks like today.

A Jeff Bezos letter from 1997 about ‘reversible decisions’ sheds some light on the shock Amazon HQ2 U-turn

In his 1997 letter to shareholders, Bezos said most decisions were reversible.

When Amazon threw in the towel on the New York City HQ2, it showed the rest of the world how to beat Silicon Valley

Amazon just gave its biggest critics the perfect playbook to take down the rest of Silicon Valley.
Sen. Bernie Sanders seems pleased a plan to build a new Amazon headquarters in New York City has collapsed.

Bernie Sanders congratulates New York for ‘standing up’ to Amazon after tech giant cancels plan for new headquarters in Queens

"Our job is to end the race to the bottom where taxpayers in one city or state are forced to bid against each other for desperately needed jobs."

Here’s how politicians and tech execs are reacting to the surprise news of Amazon pulling HQ2 from New York City

Now that plans for HQ2 in New York have been scrapped, many of HQ2's biggest opponents are celebrating, while proponents are lashing out at Amazon.

Amazon just threw New York City politicians under the bus while announcing its plan to cancel its New York HQ2

Local politicians — especially New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson — have been critical of Amazon's HQ2 plans.

Amazon says it won’t reopen its HQ2 search after bailing on New York City

Amazon had planned to send 25,000 jobs to New York City. It's possible some of those jobs could now end up in Northern Virginia and Nashville instead.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announce Amazon's decision to bring HQ2 to Queens.

Amazon’s HQ2 deal with New York is officially off — and it means the state and the city could lose out on $27.5 billion in tax revenue

Amazon announced it would pull HQ2 from New York City, meaning the state and city could lose out on $27.5 billion in tax revenue, a study found.
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Apple threw shade on Amazon with the stealthy selection of its very own HQ2

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he did not like the idea of creating a contest between bidders.
Data shows that Amazon has increased its frequency of account closures this year.

Amazon gained a huge perk from its HQ2 contest that’s worth far more than any tax break

Amazon's contest for the home of its second headquarters has helped the company score valuable data on land use and development across the US.