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John Flint, HSBC CEO.

Revenues at Europe’s biggest bank ‘collapsed’ at the end of 2018 — and it’s blaming Trump’s trade war with China

HSBC CEO John Flint said: "Given the trade uncertainty, that's not surprising, but, yes, we're seeing a reduction in the rate of growth."
Many are fleeing London even before Brexit.

Brexit isn’t even here yet, but here’s a list of the damage that’s already been done

Brexit has already damaged the UK. The latest wound: Nissan cancelled plans to build its SUVs at its northern English Sunderland plant. Here's a list:

Singaporean millennials don’t have enough time to manage their finances – and it’s causing them immense stress, HSBC says

But people are probably also more likely to use spare time to check social media than manage their finances.

The reason why Singaporeans aren’t saving for retirement might be because they don’t feel old, HSBC says

Researchers found that about 60 per cent of people in Singapore did not see themselves as old.
HSBC and Samsung have partnered on a program to bring wearable technology into bank branches.

HSBC is making a $130 million investment in its bank branches and the latest step is to arm its bankers with Samsung watches

HSBC has asked bankers in one of its branches to wear special Samsung watches so that they can better communicate with each other and improve efficiency.

Singapore is ranked the best place in the world for expats, and after visiting I can understand why

When I visited Singapore in May, I expected it to be wildy expensive. I found that, while renting an apartment is costly, the city is full of cheap, delicious food, efficient public transportation, top-notch museums, a budding nightlife scene, and beautiful parks.

A day in the life of an HSBC exec who wakes up at 5:30 a.m. to work out, always eats green, and studies at Stanford in her free time

Melania Edwards is part of HSBC's International Manager Program, which trains senior executives for leading the international bank by putting them in top roles across different businesses around the globe.

One of the world’s largest banks has issued an alarming warning about antibiotic resistance — with big consequences for humanity

The use of antibiotics in meat production and other forms of agriculture could lead to antibiotic resistance, which is expected to cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050.
Exterior views of HSBC headquarters and Standard Chartered Bank (R) are seen at the financial Central district in Hong Kong November 3, 2015.

The firestorm at HSBC’s investment bank is escalating as the bank hits back against internal dissent

Dissent within the bank is centred around a memo, reportedly titled "Global Banking & Markets: Rewards for Persistent Failure" and sent on August 25. It is said to have attacked HSBC's leadership for what it says is a failure "to create a successful strategy."

Turkey’s economic crisis has gone off the radar — but there’s a huge chance it could get a whole lot worse

After the collapse of the lira, HSBC's Melis Metiner is now warning of another thread to the country's fragile economy.