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Saudi Arabia calls Canada one of the world’s worst oppressors of women in bizarre crusade

In Canada, women have full legal rights to seek employment, access family planning and abortion services, and express their gender identities and sexual preferences as they see fit. In Saudi Arabia, women need permission to marry, get an advanced education or a job, or to travel abroad.

Marina Mahathir and others express outrage at the removal of LGBT activists’ portraits at Malaysian exhibition

Activists and political figures all around Malaysia have come out to show their support.
Canada's PM Trudeau speaks in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Trudeau made a glaring tactical error that’s getting Canada hammered by Saudi Arabia

In the words of a former Canadian ambassador: "The hard truth here is that the world is not waiting for Canada to preach to them or to criticize them." Canada and Saudi Arabia have a small economic relationship, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just doesn't have much sway there.

Saudi-owned media is criticizing Canada’s human-rights record in a series of bizarre videos

This is happening amid a mounting feud between Saudi Arabia and Canada. Saudi Arabia has already expelled Canada's ambassador. Its Saudia airline has suspended flights to Toronto, and the kingdom recalled thousands of students, and barred its citizens from receiving medical care in Canada.

Saudi Arabia suspends flights to Canada in ongoing feud over human-rights arrests

Saudi Arabia's national airline froze flights to and from Toronto in an escalating feud with Canada over the arrests of several prominent rights activists. Passengers are concerned over the timing of the move, which coincides with the annual Hajj pilgrimage expected to draw in millions.
Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin speaks during a news conference in Hong Kong, China November 27, 2015.

China uses threats about relatives at home to control and silence expats and exiles abroad

The family of former beauty queen Anastasia Lin has been continually threatened and prevented from travelling abroad because of Lin's decision to discuss Chinese human-rights issues. Police also take fruit and flower baskets to visit Lin's grandparents regularly in hopes of persuading them.
Forensic experts investigate the scene at the community hall where Saudi-led warplanes struck a funeral in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, October 9, 2016.

Experts fear US arms sales to human rights abusers will become easier thanks to a ‘loophole’ in Trump’s new policy

Arms control experts have voiced concerns over possible loopholes in President Trump’s new arms export policy, which they argue may make it easier for US companies to sell weapons to countries and groups that violate human rights, The Intercept reported.

Saudi Arabian women can now drive — here are the biggest changes they’ve seen in just over a year

Women in Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to begin driving on Sunday, a culmination of a decades-long rights campaign. But Saudi women have seen many changes this past year as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ascended to the throne and began modernizing the Kingdom.
An ethnic Uyghur man has his beard trimmed after prayers on June 30, 2017 in the old town of Kashgar, in the far western Xinjiang province, China. Kashgar has long been considered the cultural heart of Xinjiang for the province's nearly 10 million Muslim Uyghurs.

While Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ immigration policy sparks controversy in the US, China is detaining hundreds of thousands of legal ci...

There are so many children in China whose parents have been detained that orphanages have become overcrowded and children have been moved away to other centers, where their parents may have difficulty eventually finding them.

Conservative media insist the ‘cages’ used to detain migrant children are simply ‘fences’

Conservative media are pushing back on allegations that the Trump administration is inhumanely caging migrant children at the border by arguing that the so-called "cages" are, in fact, "fences" and "security pens."