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Polling company YouGov reports a 21% jump in sales after predicting this year’s surprise election result

The polling company reported strong sales and profit for the year, and expects further growth.

Consumer confidence in the UK plummets in wake of the hung parliament

New data from YouGov and Cebr shows consumer confidence is at its second lowest point since 2013, due to financial uncertainties and cooling house prices.

Theresa May’s deal with the ‘toxic’ DUP will cost us far more than £1.5 billion

The full political and financial costs of May going into government with the DUP are difficult to fully comprehend.

Theresa May’s £1.5 billion ‘supply and confidence’ deal with the DUP in full

The full text of the hung parliament deal between the DUP and the Conservatives

John Major warns Theresa May her DUP deal risks violence in Northern Ireland

Former prime minister says any deal with the DUP would risk the peace process "unwinding".

Will there be a second general election in 2017?

Here's what needs to happen in British politics for there to be another general election this year.

Theresa May tells Tory MPs she will stay as PM as ‘I got us into this mess so I’m going to get us out of it’

Prime minister tells the 1922 Committee that she made mistakes during the campaign that cost the Conservatives their majority.

Everything you need to know about Theresa May’s hung parliament deal with the DUP

How will Theresa May's hung parliament deal with the Democratic Unionist Party work?


Prime Minister Theresa May goes to Buckingham Palace to seek permission to hold a minority government after losing her majority in a shock election disaster.

Theresa May will refuse to stand down despite losing her majority in parliament

Conservative prime minister says the nation needs a "period of stability"