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Facebook and Google completely dominate the digital ad industry

Google and Facebook together accounted for an astounding 99% of revenue growth from digital ads in the US last year, according to an analysis of IAB estimates.

The 15 digital campaigns the biggest names in advertising wish they had created

From Taco Bell's social-media "blackout" to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Expect lots more websites to begin asking people to turn off their ad blockers

The IAB has released advice for publishers on how to deal with ad blocking.

The internet ad industry thinks the term ‘second-screening’ should be replaced with ‘switch-screening’ because TV is no longer...

A report by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) says the idea that the TV is the center-piece of the living room is now out of date.

The week-old ad blocking browser built by the ex-CEO of Mozilla is already making enemies

"THIS is the true face of ad blocking. It is the rich and self-righteous, who want to tell everyone else what they can and cannot read and watch and hear."

Adblock Plus just got uninvited from the internet-advertising industry’s big conference

The IAB represents the biggest names in the digital-advertising industry: Google, Facebook, Twitter, online publishers, and ad-tech companies.