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Some American Ikea employees are getting slapped with pay cuts — and they worry it’ll spark a manager exodus

Ikea employees are speaking out about pay cuts that will largely affect managers and team leads within the stores.

In a leaked video, Ikea US head apologizes for restructuring that store employees say tanked morale and pit them against each other

Ikea US President Lars Petersson apologized in a video announcement sent to employees on Tuesday.
Ikea employees say morale is low.

Ikea just announced that it would be bumping pay for its most ‘disgruntled’ group of US employees

Ikea US announced in a post on its internal network on Wednesday that it plans to bump up the pay of its merchandising basics employees.
"You're either doing the right thing for the customer or you're doing the right thing for you," one employee said.

Ikea employees say that changes to the stores are creating a divisive environment where ‘nobody is willing to help’

Ikea employees told Business Insider that the company's plans to become more "customer-centric" are causing problems for shoppers.
"People are just sad about the way that they're being treated," one employee told Business Insider.

Ikea was once touted as one of the best places to work. Now workers are fleeing over a policy they say has backfired spectacularly.

Ikea overhauled how its US-based stores are run in October 2017. This new policy, known has O4G, has left a number of Ikea coworkers dissatisfied.
IKEA acquired TaskRabbit in 2017, and it solves one of the most annoying problems of shopping there.

I hired a TaskRabbit to help me assemble my IKEA furniture — and it solved the most annoying problem with shopping from the furniture giant

TaskRabbit allows you to hire someone to build your IKEA furniture for a fixed price. Here's how it works.

#YouGetWhatYouPayFor: LTA roasts Ikea for poking fun at the cost of its bus stop benches

The Land Transport Authority threw some shade at IKEA.
Assembly is required for most furniture bought at IKEA and Target.

We shopped at IKEA and Target to see which is a better place to buy inexpensive furniture. Here’s the verdict.

IKEA and Target both sell tons of inexpensive furniture and home decor. But after shopping at both, we found one had better prices and perks for shoppers. See which store is better.
IKEA's veggie dog was surprisingly delicious, and only cost $0.75.

IKEA has a new vegan hot dog that’s taking off with customers — here’s what it tastes like

IKEA just introduced a vegan hot dog to the menu of its store bistros in the United States. The veggie dog, which launched in IKEA's European locations in August, officially launched in its US stores on Tuesday. We went to IKEA and tried it — here's what we thought.
Ikea's tables, couches, and chairs often cost under $500.

Here are IKEA’s secrets to keeping its prices so low

IKEA is known for its good quality and affordable furniture. But how is it able to keep prices so low? IKEA takes cost into consideration in every step from design to furniture assembly.