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Authorities said fumes from a chemical spill in Beach Park, Illinois, were confined to roughly a one-mile radius.

Dozens of people, including firefighters and police officers, are in hospital after a chemical spill in Beach Park, Illinois

Authorities said the incident began early in the morning, after a tractor leaked containers of anhydrous ammonia onto the road.
Officer Roger Gemoules

This Illinois police officer stopped a man with expired plates. Instead of giving him a ticket, he drove him to his job interview.

Illinois officer Roger Gemoules is being praised for helping Ka'Shawn Baldwin make it to a job interview, after he pulled him over for expired plates.
Mark Lee Pierce and Jessica Woodworth

An Olive Garden waitress wrote a Facebook post about serving a baby covered in ‘black and blue’ bruises. The baby’s parents were lat...

Mark Lee Pierce, 33, and Jessica Woodwork, 36, from Pulaski, Illinois, were arrested on child abuse charges on Sunday.

A GoFundMe is seeking $50,000 for victims and families after a deadly shooting in Aurora, Illinois

A gunman opened fire on his co-workers and several police officers at a manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois, on Friday, authorities said.

Victims of the Aurora, Illinois mass shooting included a 21-year-old intern who was at his first day of work

A 21-year-old Human Resources intern was among the victims, as well as a husband and father of young children.

Gunman in Aurora shooting that killed 5 ‘went ballistic’ using pistol with green laser sight, witness says

An Aurora shooting eyewitness who escaped through a back door told a local outlet that Martin was "shooting everybody" after he went "ballistic," using a pistol.
An image of Gary Martin, according to his neighbors in Aurora, Illinois.

Here’s what we know about Gary Martin, suspected of killing 5 civilians and injuring 5 police officers in Aurora

Here's what we know about Gary Martin, the 45-year-old shooter who killed 5 people and injured 5 police officers in Aurora, Illinois.

5 civilians killed, 5 police officers injured, suspected gunman dead after mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois

Two of four police officers who arrived on the scene were 'fired upon immediately.'
Security guard Jemel Roberson had apprehended the suspect, but then was shot.

‘Your man shot my man’: Videos show the chaotic aftermath of police fatally shooting a black security guard in Chicago

Chicago authorities released 15 videos Monday showing the frenzy after a police officer fatally shot a black security guard outside a nightclub.
Amber Hampshire.

The mom of a 14-year-old who died from diabetes complications turned herself into the police, who are accusing her of hiding her daughter’s diag...

Amber Hampshire of Alton, Illinois, on Thursday was charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the life or health of a child.