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Grace Gogarty's take on the golden retriever.

This artist’s hilariously accurate dog breed descriptions will make your day

Grace Gogarty's playful illustrations explore the distinct characters that comprise the canine kingdom, from chihuahuas to golden retrievers.

Accused of copying British illustrator Gemma Correll’s work, Singapore brand The Tiramisu Hero says it has learned a ‘hard lesson’

Was this unintentional or a case of the copycat? Illustrator Gemma Correll tells us she is still undecided on legal action.
Illustrator Omar Aqil creates interpretations (right) of Picasso's paintings (left).

An artist turns Picasso’s paintings into 3D illustrations that look like photographs of real objects

Omar Aqil, a CGI artist from Pakistan, has created at least 18 direct transformations of Picasso's work and has illustrated original pieces as well.
Feder's reincarnation of "Mean Girls"

A 29-year-old illustrator has redrawn iconic movie scenes with more diverse casts, and people are loving it

Tyler Feder drew some of the most iconic movie scenes of all times, from 'The Breakfast Club' to 'Mean Girls' — only this time with more diverse casts.
One of Zenz's creations inspired by a child's drawing.

An artist transforms kids’ drawings into professional illustrations and the results are adorable

Aaron Zenz transforms drawings of imaginary monsters created by kids into professional illustrations, and calls them "fan art." See how he does it.
Barack Obama.

This artist draws famous historical figures as modern-day millennials — and the portraits are hilariously accurate

Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, content creator, and character designer Amit Shimoni has two passions: history and hipsters. He's combined them for his latest project, called "HIPSTORY," which reimagines iconic historical figures as modern-day hipsters.

These award-winning science images show the world in ways you’ve never imagined

These images are supposed to uncover or "open up a world of science often hidden to the naked eye," showing in a beautiful way the unique things scientists see.

7 truths about money on Post-its that will make you laugh before you cringe

Chaz Hutton, also known as @instachaaz, gets honest about money one Post-it illustration at a time.

19 truths about adulthood on Post-its that will make you laugh before you cringe

Chaz Hutton, also known as @instachaaz, gets honest about adulthood one Post-it illustration at a time.