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5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but your mobile experience could actually decline, Opensignal says

5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but user mobile experience could actually stagnate or even worsen if telcos choose to focus on price competition instead of quality, Opensignal said.

StarHub’s peak 4G speed in the first half of 2019 beat Singtel and M1 by a mile, IMDA report shows

StarHub's highest 4G peak speed was 1.6 times faster than Singtel's and a whopping 2.8 times faster than M1's.

IMDA is reviewing its rules on display panels, which are increasingly common in public places such as HDB estates

HDB said today that commercial advertisements on its 6,000 display panels will be capped at 30% of total screen time.

Singaporeans worried that 5G radiation will be harmful to people’s health: IMDA consultation

In response to these concerns, IMDA said the ambient level of radio frequency radiation in Singapore was "very low".

Singapore is setting aside S$40 million to build ‘open and inclusive’ 5G Innovation ecosystem

The funds will be used to build an open and inclusive 5G innovation ecosystem.

Game maker Ubisoft just launched its first-ever Asian entrepreneurship program in Singapore

Selected start-ups would have access to Ubisoft's global resources and connection to its network of partners.

Google just changed the rules on its resume-worthy data analytics programme for fresh grads – it’s only going to accept SMU students now

Here's another perk for those studying in SMU: an exclusive Google-run internship to give their resumes a lift.

IMDA shuts down the States Times Review’s renamed site over contentious articles

It currently has three supporters and is earning S$14 a month.