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Apple may let you take back that text message you wish you hadn’t sent in the next version of iOS, says a new report

Apple is experimenting with new iMessage features that could arrive in its next major iPhone update, iOS 14.

A bunch of new features that could be coming to your iPhone later this year may have just leaked ahead of Apple’s announcement

Apple won't release its next iPhone update, iOS 14, until the fall, but a new leak gives us a clue about what we should expect.

Apple iMessage, Mail, and other iCloud services are ‘experiencing slower than normal performance’

Apple has confirmed on its website that at least 11 iCloud products and apps were experiencing issues Thursday.
It's easy to set up iMessage on a Mac to send and receive messages from your computer.

How to play iMessage games on an iPhone with your contacts

You can play iMessage games on your iPhone using the App Store extension that's built into iMessage. There, you can download a variety of games.
It only takes a few taps to like a text on your iPhone.

How to ‘like’ a text message on your iPhone using Tapback, the reaction feature built into iMessage

You can "like" a text on your iPhone, along with a variety of other reactions, by tapping and holding it. Here's a guide to the Tapback feature.
You can use bold text in your iPhone text messages by creating a subject line.

How to use bold text in your text messages on an iPhone by enabling subject lines

You can use bold text on your iPhone in text messages by creating a subject line after enabling the feature in Settings. Here's how to do it.
It's easy to save audio messages on your iPhone, no matter whether you sent or received them.

How to save audio messages on your iPhone, and change your settings so audio messages won’t delete after 2 minutes

You can save audio messages on your iPhone by editing your voice message settings, or by exporting them onto your computer. Here's how to do both.
It might be a good idea to clear your Google search history on your Android device to ensure your privacy.

Android users who are jealous of iMessage need to know about Google’s ‘Messages for web’ service, which lets you text from almost an...

Google's Messages for web lets Android users text from almost any computer, even Apple Mac computers and laptops.
It's easy to delete your own YouTube videos on a phone or computer.

How to share a YouTube video via text using your iPhone or Mac computer

You can quickly and easily text a YouTube video using several different methods on an iPhone or Mac. Here's what you need to know.
You can search through every message on your iPhone in seconds.

‘Why are my iPhone messages green?’: What green-colored messages mean, and how to turn on iMessage

Your iPhone messages are green for two reasons: you're texting Android users, or you're not connected to the internet.