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Stinger, a member of Constitutional Patriots New Mexico Border Ops Team militia is pictured on patrol at the US-Mexico border near Mt. Christo Rey in Sunland Park, New Mexico on March 20, 2019.

Armed vigilante groups at the US-Mexico border have been stopping migrant families and detaining them at gunpoint

Armed, right-wing vigilantes have been detaining large groups of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border and holding them at gunpoint, videos show.

This map shows where each state’s largest immigrant group comes from, excluding Mexico

Using data from the US Census Bureau, we found the country, excluding Mexico, that was the most common birthplace for foreign-born residents in each state.
US Army Pfc. Barbara Vieyra.

A US Army soldier was killed in Afghanistan, and then ICE reportedly deported her husband to Mexico, leaving their 12-year-old daughter behind in Ariz...

Jose Carranza's wife was killed by an IED in Afghanistan. ICE officials brought him back to the US on Monday, April 15.

Bernie Sanders names the one thing Democrats should not do if they want to defeat Trump in 2020

"Our job is to lay out a vision that makes sense to the working families of this country," Sanders said.

Trump announces plan to release detained migrants into sanctuary cities

President Donald Trump made the announcement just days after the White House press office tried to tamp down on the suggestion as a realistic idea.

How 11 of Trump’s most controversial actions have fared in court

The Trump administration has lost 65 cases and challenges so far, and courts have struck down 90% of efforts to roll back federal regulations.

5 immigrants and first-generation Americans working in the Trump administration

Here are some of the immigrants and first-generation Americans working for President Donald Trump.
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders discusses reports that the Trump administration wants to move immigrants to so-called "sanctuary cities."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says busing immigrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ is ‘not our first choice,’ but ‘the president likes ...

Sanders said busing immigrants to sanctuary cities would also alleviate the burden on border communities and more evenly spread out the responsibility.
Migrant children are being held in a tent city in Texas near the US-Mexico border.

Top Trump officials reportedly discussed whether the US military could build and run ‘tent city’ detention camps for migrants

It's the latest in a series of legally dubious efforts the Trump administration has floated in recent weeks amid a surge of migrants at the border.
A view of the Hudson Yards megadevelopment in January 2019.

New York’s $25 billion Hudson Yards development claimed funding from a year’s worth of immigrant visas — here’s why it was leg...

Hudson Yards likely claimed funding from about 10,000 immigrant visas, the maximum permitted in a given year.