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Trump’s only mistake in the MS-13 ‘controversy’ was giving animals a worse rap than they deserve

Opinion: President Donald Trump's comments about the gang MS-13, referring to them as "animals," became lost in a sea of controversy. When his comments were initially reported, much of the context was left out, implying that he had characterized all immigrants that way.
Donald Trump.

Trump says he’ll ‘always’ refer to MS-13 as ‘animals’ amid backlash

President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his characterization of unauthorized immigrants associated with MS-13, stating he will "always" refer to them as "animals."
Donald Trump.

Trump sparks all-around backlash for ‘animals’ comment — here’s the full context of what he said

President Donald Trump was widely condemned after referring to some unautorized immigrants as "animals" during a conversation with California lawmakers and officials on Wednesday.
Donald Trump.

Trump says some dangerous unauthorized immigrants ‘aren’t people’ but ‘animals’ who will be rapidly kicked out of the US...

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said some undocumented immigrants "aren't people" but "animals" who will be taken out of the country "at a rate that’s never happened before."

INSIDE TRUMP’S MEETING WITH SENATE REPUBLICANS: President brings up trade deals the GOP keeps fretting about

President Donald Trump joined Senate Republicans for their weekly policy lunch on Tuesday, where he discussed a litany of issues he wants lawmakers to focus on in the coming months, as well as his own plans for the next several weeks.
John Kelly, the White House chief of staff.

John Kelly: It’s not ‘cruel’ to separate families at the border — children will be ‘put into foster care or whateverR...

The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, defended the Trump administration's practice of separating parents from their children at the border, telling NPR that "the children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever."

Republicans are working with Democrats to force a controversial vote — potentially infuriating Trump

A small group of moderate Republicans alongside Democrats are banding together to force a vote on an immigration bill in the House, much to the dismay of GOP leaders and the White House.

Sessions threatens to split children from their parents if they cross the border illegally: ‘If you don’t like that, then don’t smug...

The Trump administration said it will criminally prosecute 100% of illegal border-crossing cases, separating potentially thousands of migrant children from their parents if they are convicted and jailed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children."
A girl and other members of a caravan of migrants from Central America get ready to spend the night near the San Ysidro checkpoint after a small group of fellow migrants entered the United States border and customs facility, where they are expected to apply for asylum, in Tijuana, Mexico April 29, 2018.

Nearly half of the migrants in the caravan that Trump warned ‘had better be stopped’ have already entered the US

Despite President Donald Trump's vows that a migrant caravan "better be stopped" before it reached the US, at least 88 migrants have already set foot on US soil and are applying for asylum.

Amazon is hiring more foreign H-1B workers than Google and Facebook combined

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are just a few of the tech giants that rely on the H-1B visa to snatch up coveted tech talent.