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Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad crowned Muslim Man of the Year for 2019

Not bad for a 93 year old politician with a history of two heart attacks and one bypass surgery.

Meet Imran Khan, Pakistan’s next prime minister who was his country’s biggest sports star, a notorious playboy, and married his 3rd wife b...

Imran Khan has officially won the country's general elections, with his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party winning more seats than its opponents. Before becoming a politician, Khan was an Oxford scholar, world-renown cricketer, and a playboy with a reputation for London's party scene.
Imran Khan, Snap's chief financial officer

Evan Spiegel wasn’t the only one at Snap who got a huge bonus last year — fellow exec Imran Khan got $100 million

Snap released its annual report Thursday, which disclosed the jumbo-sized stock awards it gave to its CEO, chief strategy officer and former general counsel.

SNAP’S ROADSHOW: Snapchat executives explain why investors should buy into their $22 billion IPO

In a 35-minute video, Snap executives break down their company philosophy, how the Snapchat app works, and why their ad products are so successful.

How Imran Khan swapped Wall Street for a huge role at Snapchat and earned $150 million in 2 years

Snapchat executive Imran Khan will make tons of money and boost his net worth in the IPO. But his career path has not been typical of most tech executives.

A former Wall Street analyst made a $145 million trade of a lifetime to join Snap

Imran Khan worked on the IPO of Alibaba Group, Groupon and China's Weibo before he moved to Snap, this trade is going to pay off like no other.