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Americans in almost every state saw their incomes go up last year

According to a Bureau of Economic Analysis report, personal income rose in every state except North Dakota between 2016 and 2017.
When it comes to income inequality, southern states appear to have it the worst.

Income inequality is growing across the US — here’s how bad it is in every state

Income inequality — the gap between the rich and the poor — is getting bigger in the US. But it's not the same in each state. See how your state stacks up.

Here’s the salary you need to be in the top 50% of earners in 50 major US cities

We've highlighted the annual household income required to be in the top 50% in 50 major US metro areas, from lowest to highest income needed.
A map of income disparities in the New York City area.

Striking maps reveal the huge wealth gap between American cities and the rest of the country

This interactive map of wealth in the US shows that today's economy leaves behind large parts of America.
How much money it takes to be "rich" is highest in San Francisco.

How much money you have to earn to be considered rich in 27 major US cities

Rich people earn at least two times the US's median household income. But how much money that takes varies from city to city.
Here's what middle class really is in the largest US cities.

Silicon Valley is so expensive that people who make $400,000 think they’re middle-class — here’s what the middle class actually is i...

Middle-class incomes in the US were between about $39,000 and $118,000 in 2016, but the ranges shift at the state and city levels.
In San Francisco, you need to make over $173,000 to qualify for a mortgage.

How much you have to earn to buy a home in 23 of the most expensive places in the US right now

America's housing supply reached an all-time low last quarter, and home prices are still on the rise.

This map shows where Americans have the best chances of going from poor to rich

The US is known as the land of equal opportunity, but as it turns out that thanks to income inequality, some parts have more upward mobility than others.
He still earns a pension from the Screen Actors Guild.

Trump says tax reform will hurt him — here’s how much money he makes and where it comes from

We broke down US President Donald Trump's income, based on his financial disclosure form.

Beyoncé was the highest-paid female musician in the last year with $105 million — here are the others

Beyoncé's hit album "Lemonade" and her subsequent world tour for the album have made her the highest-paid female musician in the last year, according to Forbes.