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The Arihant nuclear ballistic submarine

India says its nuclear sub made its first patrol — and that it’s a ‘fitting response to … nuclear blackmail’

India's first domestically built nuclear-powered ballistic-missile sub, the INS Arihant, recently made its first deterrent patrol, New Delhi says.
National Liberation Army (ELN) soldiers standing in formation in Arauca province, Colombia, in 2002.

These are the world’s 20 most dangerous countries, and photos showing what life is like there

Countries were ranked on prevalence of terrorism, homicide, organized crime and unreliable or corrupt police forces by the World Economic Forum.
Workers give the finishing touches to the world's tallest statue dedicated to Indian independence leader Sardar Patel, near Vadodara in India's western Gujarat state on October 18, 2018.

India is already divided over its gargantuan ‘Statue of Unity’

Narendra Modi has opened the statue of unity, the world's tallest statue and it is dividing India

The tallest statue in the world has been unveiled in India, and it’s more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty

Politician Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel helped unify India, now the 182 meter bronze and steel statue of him is the world's largest by 54 meters.
Mining coal has its costs.

A photographer spent years exploring India’s apocalyptic ‘capital of coal’ and returned with unreal photos

In India, photographer Sebastian Sardi was introduced to Dhanbad, a city known as the "capital of coal" due to the vast number of coal fields and strip-mines. The mining has turned the landscape into a post-apocalyptic moonscape.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, September 1, 2014

2 of Asia’s biggest militaries are working on a deal that could give them an edge over China

India and Japan will reportedly discuss a deal that will allow each military to access bases and facilities run by the other, which would mirror similar deals India has made in recent years and would come as both countries seek to counter China.
Chinese and Indian border guards at the Nathu La mountain pass, between Tibet and the tiny northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, July 6, 2006.

The world’s 2 biggest countries are playing nice a year after a showdown, but a future clash may be unavoidable

China and India went toe-to-toe high up in the Himalayas last summer. In the year since then, they've mended fences, but deep-seated disputes persist between the two long-time rivals, raising the chances of a confrontation in the future.
Sri Lankan navy personnel welcome the Chinese navy ship Hai Yangdao, October 4, 2018.

The US and Japan are competing with China, and they’ve all got a small island country in their sights

China's growing influence in the Indo-Pacific has worried the US, Japan, and others in the region, and they're looking to use their militaries to counter Beijing's outreach.
They visited the Golden Temple.

A pilot from India gave back to his village by taking 22 of its senior citizens on a plane ride

After he became a pilot, Vikas Jyani made sure that 22 residents from his village — ages 70 and up — got to experience the magic of flying. The group traveled from from New Delhi to Amritsar and Golden Temple to the Wagah Border.

These are the two deadliest places to take selfies, a new study shows — so think twice before you whip out that phone

Researchers found that the top cause of selfie-related deaths were centered around water.