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Samantha and Bailey Brazzel.

An Indiana tax preparer turned away a same-sex couple, citing religious beliefs: ‘I am a Christian and I believe marriage is between one man and...

After using the same tax service for four years, Bailey Brazzel was denied last week when the business owner found out she is married to a woman.

Trump quietly created a new national park when he signed a spending bill that partially funded a border wall

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is now a national park. Members of Congress and the National Parks Service have been fighting for the name change since 1916.
A composite image showing a NOAA satellite image of the polar vortex over the US on Wednesday, and a man in Chicago taking a picture at frozen shores of Lake Michigan.

The polar vortex ravaging the US with extreme cold has killed at least 21 people

Deaths have been recorded in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois, where temperatures in some places have plunged to their lowest recorded levels.
Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and a candidate for Democratic National Committee Chairman, speaks during a Democratic National Committee forum in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., February 11, 2017.

‘I wasn’t sure it’d be possible to run for office at all’: ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg on what it means to be running f...

Pete Buttigieg, the openly-gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is running for president. In a conversation with INSIDER, he revealed why he's not afraid of the odds.
Casey Smitherman.

An Indiana school superintendent was charged with 3 felonies for using her own health insurance to get medical treatment for a sick student

The school official said she was worried the 15-year-old student "would be placed in a foster home."
Casey Smitherman.

A superintendent was arrested after using her insurance to help a sick student get medication: ‘I wanted to do all I could to help him get well&...

Casey Smitherman, the superintendent of Elwood schools, helped an uninsured 15-year-old student seek medical treatment under her son's name.
Gary's Dollar Home Program hopes to lure new residents.

An Indiana city is selling $1 homes to save itself from decay. Here’s what you can get for the money.

Gary, Indiana, is selling a handful of homes for $1, but buyers are expected to renovate them within one year.
Aaron Trejo, left, and Breana Rouhselang.

‘I took action’: A high-school-football player admits to killing a cheerleader who was carrying his child, according to court documents

Aaron Trejo, 16, confessed to killing a 17-year-old girl because she was pregnant with his child.
Aaron Trejo, left, and Breana Rouhselang.

A high-school-football player was arrested after the body of a pregnant 17-year-old cheerleader was found in a dumpster

A 16-year-old high school football player was arrested after a 17-year-old girl, who was reportedly six months pregnant, was found dead in a dumpster.
Dalton Shaffer

A pizza shop employee drove 225 miles to deliver pizza to a terminally-ill man who couldn’t make the trip for his wife’s birthday

Julie Morgan wrote about the experience in a Facebook post, saying she and her husband, Rich, had planned a trip from their home in Indianapolis to Battle Creek, Michigan, for her 56th birthday, where they hoped to get slices of their favorite pizza from Steve's Pizzza.