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An Indonesian woman’s petition got a Shopee ad with K-pop group Blackpink pulled: ‘The clothes don’t even cover the thighs’

She said the group's "provocative" dance moves and skimpy outfits would send young viewers the wrong message that the "objectification of the female body (was) legitimate".

A luxury resort in the middle of the jungle in Bali was voted as having the world’s ‘most stunning views’ and the view from the pool...

The Hanging Gardens of Bali is a resort set on a mountainside in Bali. It was recently recognized as the hotel with the "most stunning views."
Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committe sub-committee head for air accidents Nurcahyo Utomo, holds a model airplane while speaking during a news conference on Wednesday on its investigation the Lion Air crash.

The Lion Air plane that crashed into the sea was ‘no longer airworthy’, Indonesian officials say

Lion Air took the plane in for maintenance before its fatal flight, but ultimately cleared it for take-off. It crashed 13 minutes later.
Families and colleagues of victims of Lion Air flight JT 610 cry on deck of Indonesian Navy ship KRI Banjarmasin during visit and pray at the site of the crash on November 6, 2018 in Karawang, Indonesia. Indonesian investigators said on Monday the airspeed indicator for Lion Air flight 610 malfunctioned during its last four flights, including the fatal flight on October 29, when the plane crashed into Java sea and killed all 189 people on board. The Boeing 737 plane crashed shortly after takeoff as investigators and agencies from around the world continue its week-long search for the main wreckage and cockpit voice recorder which might solve the mystery.

Black box reveals the futile struggle between pilots and computer inside the cockpit of doomed Lion Air Flight 610

The pilots of Lion Air Flight 610 struggled with a malfunctioning automated flight system, new black-box data reviewed by The New York Times shows.

An Indonesian woman who lost her fiance in the Lion Air crash went ahead with the wedding alone to fulfil his last wish

"There is sadness that I cannot describe, but I have to smile for you. I shall not mourn. I have to stay strong like you always told me," Intan said.
The cockpit is pictured during a media tour of the Boeing 737 MAX at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington, December 7, 2015.

Boeing 737 MAX operators in the US were ‘kept in the dark’ about a hardware change linked to the Lion Air crash

Members of the Federal Aviation Authority and the Allied Pilots Association say they weren't told anything about the Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor.
Urban Fare store manager Leanne Ring displays a package of Kopi Luwak coffee on September 12, 2002 in Vancouver, Canada.

I tried a cup of the ‘most expensive coffee in the world’ — here’s why it’s a tourist trap you shouldn’t buy ...

Kopi Luwak is coffee made from beans digested by a civet. Balinese farmers have touted for generations that it is the best-tasting coffee. I tried it. It's nothing special.
Durian fruit on market

The foul smell of durian fruit temporarily grounded a plane in Indonesia and almost led passengers to fight the crew

A group of passengers on a Sriwijaya Air flight almost came to blows with the crew over the foul and smelly presence of durian fruit
Cyclists ride their bikes through a durian seller during stage 4 of the 2014 Tour de Singkarak on June 10, 2014 in Padang, Indonesia.

Overwhelmed passengers abandoned an Indonesian flight crammed with 2 tons of a notoriously smelly tropical fruit

Passengers have refused to travel on an Indonesian flight that had been loaded with two tons of the pungent durian tropical fruit.
An Indonesian diver died while searching for wreckage from the downed Lion Air flight. Here, search and rescue personnel prepare to retrieve the plane victims' bodies on Tuesday.

An Indonesian diver died looking for wreckage from the downed Lion Air jet

Officials believe Syachrul Anto, 48, died from decompression. His family has reportedly chosen not to have an autopsy conducted.