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15-year-old Katusha Adushkina.

A 15-year-old Russian influencer with 4 million followers tearfully told the story of when a man pulled a gun on her for a YouTube prank video

The man held her at gunpoint and counted to three, only to then produce a bunch of flowers.
Impulse Season 2.

‘Bourne Identity’ director Doug Liman thought he was pitching YouTube a 5-minute webisode with ‘Impulse,’ but he got a full-bl...

YouTube Originals show "Impulse" returned with a 10-episode second season, with weekly episodes available free online.
Influencers sometimes expect special treatment.

An influencer left a furious Yelp review when a restaurant didn’t discount their food, and a trauma therapist says it could be a sign of narciss...

Shannon Thomas explained the reaction is probably due to a bruised ego, and nothing makes a narcissist more angry than feeling disrespected.
Paige Watts climbed on to an NYPD van to get this shot.

An Instagram influencer shares behind-the-scenes videos showing the ridiculous reality behind her glamorous photos

Paige Watts told Insider that most of the time she looks "really weird" doing "crazy poses" to get her stylish photos.
Select Management Group: Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher, and Lisa Filipelli.

How YouTube talent managers are helping shape the future of the influencer industry

Talent managers help their clients secure brand sponsorships, advise clients against promoting products, and assist in selling consumer products.
Brooke Miccio has 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A recent college grad explains why she quit her day job to be a full-time YouTube influencer, and why it ‘shouldn’t be a shameful thing...

YouTube creator Brooke Miccio shares why she left her day job in sales to focus on being an influencer fulltime.
YouTube star Emma Chamberlain.

Seeking nominations for the top talent agents in the YouTube and influencer space

We are seeking nominations for the top talent agents assisting YouTube creators with their online businesses.
Before and after photos of social media influencer Sahar Tabar, as posted by the "InformOverload" YouTube channel.

An Iranian Instagram star thought to have had 50 cosmetic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie was arrested over claims she corrupted youth and incit...

Sahar Tabar, 22, has had 50 cosmetic procedures for her face and body, Radio Farda reported. An Iranian news agency says she's been arrested.

Jeffree Star is mourning the loss of his dog Daddy after it died following an emergency surgery

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star announced on Instagram Saturday that his pet dog Daddy passed away earlier in the day following an emergency surgery.

How to start a money-making YouTube and Instagram influencer career using your smartphone

We spoke to influencers and industry execs on their tips for starting an influencer career using little more than a smartphone.