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Brittany Dawn Davis on a rope swing in Hawaii.

A fitness influencer who some say is a ‘scammer’ still hasn’t issued full refunds for nutrition programs weeks after followers calle...

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis has yet to issue full refunds to customers weeks after a wave of complaints that she "scammed" her followers.

Forget duck-pattern sheets and DIY wallpaper: Wealthy New Yorkers are dropping up to $100,000 on nurseries for their kids with details like gold cribs...

Many New Yorkers are spending thousands of dollars on nurseries for their children, which begs the question: Are baby rooms the new status symbol?
Brittany Davis, also known as Brittany Dawn, is experiencing a backlash from her followers after she failed to fulfill customer orders.

A fitness influencer with more than 500,000 followers apologized after fans called her a ‘scammer’ — but they still aren’t rea...

Instagram fitness influencer Brittany Dawn says she won't ask customers to sign an NDA before they can get a refund. Her followers aren't convinced.
The pig really got its teeth in there.

An Instagram fitness model with 13 million followers was bitten by a pig while trying to take photos with them in the Bahamas

Lewin had a photo session in the same spot the Fyre Festival promo was shot, and it didn't go to plan.
Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis is being criticized by followers who said she didn't deliver on the nutrition plans and coaching sessions she promised.

A ‘scammer’ fitness influencer is starting to give refunds for her nutritional programs — but she’s asking people to sign an N...

Brittany Dawn Davis, an influencer with around 560,000 Instagram followers, is being called a "scammer" by fans for not delivering on her products.
Brittany Davis, who goes by Brittany Dawn as an influencer.

A fitness influencer with more than 500,000 followers is being called a ‘scammer’ by fans who paid her for personal coaching and nutrition...

Brittany Dawn Davis, a fitness influencer on Instagram, is being accused of not sending people the products they purchased.
Pope Francis gives his thumb up upon arriving to preside over an evening vigil with young people at the Campo San Juan Pablo II in Panama City, on January 26, 2019.

People are roasting the Pope for tweeting that the Virgin Mary was the first ‘influencer’

He said earlier Saturday that being an "influencer" means being "guardians of everything that can make us feel part of one another."
You can now hire an Instagram boyfriend for the day in Rome.

You can now hire an ‘Instagram boyfriend’ for the day for $1,233 in Rome

Whether you're single or your boyfriend is simply useless, hire a professional to ensure you get those perfect candid snaps for the 'gram.
Here I am trying the classic hand-in-hair pose.

I went on a professional Instagram photoshoot, and the lengths influencers go to for the perfect picture will shock you

I spent an afternoon with the company giving wannabe Instagram influencers the snaps they need. Here's what I learned.
Travel photographer Carley Rudd was the victim of an elaborate scam that flew people to Indonesia to steal their money.

A prolific scammer posing as different celebrities is flying Instagram influencers across the world in an elaborate scheme to steal their money

A scammer has been flying influencers and travel photographers to Indonesia while posing as Wendi Murdoch — and also coerces victims into phone sex.