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Julia Slonska using a hammer to smash the nose off a 200-year-old Polish statue.

A teenage Instagrammer is being criticized for smashing the nose off a 200-year-old Polish statue for a video

She has since apologized for vandalizing the historic sculpture, saying that she doesn't know why she did it.
Rosé All Day is looking to reward people for drinking wine.

A wine company is looking to pay a ‘rosé influencer’ $10,000 and send them on a luxury trip to France

Rosé All Day is looking for a "rosé influencer" who can produce beautiful, exciting content with clever captions and tons of personality.
Camille and Jean of @Backpackdiariez received mixed responses for this photo taken in Sri Lanka.

An Instagram travel couple who were criticized for taking a photo hanging out of a moving train say the image was an ‘optical illusion’

The couple told INSIDER that the photo was taken to make it look more dangerous that it was, as there was actually a wider bridge below.
Kharina Kharuddin is an influencer based in Malaysia.

An Instagram influencer posted a video of herself having a panic attack to ‘remind people that social media is not an accurate representation of...

Kharina Kharuddin has gone viral for sharing the raw footage of herself struggling to breathe.
Sam Jones is a life coach who works with Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencers are hiring life coaches to help them deal with the pressures of the platform

Forging a career in a brand new industry means very few people understand the stresses of being an influencer, and many are seeking help.
Jessy Taylor lost an account with over 100,000 followers.

The Instagram influencer whose 100,000-strong following got wiped says she called the police because it felt like ‘a murder’

Jessy Taylor was distraught when her Instagram page was taken down, uploading a tearful video on YouTube. She told INSIDER she isn't a "hateful person."

A model created an app to connect models with free stuff, and she says it’s a way to make the industry safer

Neon Coats offers agented models free or heavily discounted experiences, in the hopes that they will document those businesses on social media.

An Instagram model has been granted probation for stomping on her tiny dog

Keevonna Wilson was caught on her apartment building's security system repeatedly kicking the Shih-Tzu Yorkie mix in an elevator.
Brittany Davis addressing her followers on YouTube.

The Texas Attorney General’s office is looking into more that 20 complaints about fitness influencer Brittany Dawn who’s been accused of s...

The Texas Attorney General's office is reportedly looking into Brittany Dawn Davis, an Instagram fitness influencer called a "scammer" by followers.
Anna Delvey, AKA Anna Sorokin, enters a New York State Supreme Court courtroom on the first day of her trial on March 27, 2019.

Prosecutors say alleged socialite scammer Anna Delvey pretended to be an influencer and went on a lavish Morocco trip ‘fit for a Kardashian̵...

The trial for Anna Delvey-Sorokin began, and prosecutors detailed an allegedly scammed $70,000 trip to Morocco with a private villa, butler, and pool.