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Salina, who goes by "Salinakilla" on TikTok, has 882,000 followers.

How TikTok stars earn money, what 1 million YouTube views is worth, the life of Shane Dawson’s video editor

This week's rundown includes the different ways creators earn money through TikTok and inside the life of Shane Dawson's video editor, Andrew Siwicki.
You can switch your Instagram from private to public in a few steps.

How to change the font on your Instagram bio with a third-party app

It's possible to change the font on your Instagram bio with a few different third-party apps. Here's how to use LingoJam.
Jeffree Star, Ryland Adams, Shane Dawson, and Andrew Siwicki.

Inside the life and career rise of YouTube star Shane Dawson’s video editor, Andrew Siwicki

Andrew Siwicki, 27, is a full-time video editor for one of YouTube's most popular creators, Shane Dawson.

Lil Bub, the famous cat with dwarfism, has died. Here’s how the cat went viral and took over the internet.

Take a look at some of the best photos and highlights from Lil Bub's short life as a pet influencer, movie star, and viral internet sensation.
Daisy Marquez looked shocked when her door opened by itself.

A YouTuber was filming a sponsored video when her door opened by itself, then she claimed ‘something’ paranormal pushed her down the stair...

Daisy Marquez looked wide-eyed into the camera in shock as dust flew past the camera — which some fans are calling "orbs."
YouTubers Haley Pham (left) and Hannah Meloche, two self-described VSCO girls.

The summer of the ‘VSCO girl’ may be over, but retailers and the VSCO app itself are still reaping the benefits of the craze that swept Ge...

Gen Z introduced a new term into widespread acceptance this summer: VSCO girls, teens heralding a basic aesthetic and taking over the internet.
Felix and Marzia Kjellberg.

Marzia Kjellberg said 90% of her valuables were stolen by thieves who broke into her and PewDiePie’s house

"I can't hide the shock and sadness with all being taken away, just like that," Marzia Kjellberg wrote in her Instagram Story.
Olivia Jade Giannulli in her return to YouTube, titled "hi again."

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade returned to YouTube with a surprise video, but says she can’t legally talk about ‘anything goin...

Oliva Jade Giannulli said she hoped to return to making vlogs, but said she couldn't legally address "anything" about what's kept her off the channel.
Jason Nash is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber.

A former ‘SNL’ assistant turned YouTuber with millions of followers tells all about vlog-life — from eating toenails to burnout

Nash said he has the best job in the world, but he can struggle with finding the balance between his kids and being David Dobrik's right hand man.
Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, known on YouTube as Doctor Mike.

The power of going viral, how much money 4 million YouTube views earns, a day with Doctor Mike

This week's rundown includes a breakdown of how much YouTube pays creators for a single video and inside viral YouTube star Doctor Mike's online fame.