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The rise of David Dobrik, a 23-year-old YouTuber worth over $7 million who got his start making 6-second videos

Here's everything you need to know about the 23-year-old Dobrik, who was born in Slovakia and now has more than 14 million YouTube subscribers.
Paige Watts climbed on to an NYPD van to get this shot.

An Instagram influencer shares behind-the-scenes videos showing the ridiculous reality behind her glamorous photos

Paige Watts told Insider that most of the time she looks "really weird" doing "crazy poses" to get her stylish photos.
Shane Dawson learned a lot about his worth from Jeffree Star.

Shane Dawson could barely speak after Jeffree Star told him he could have made $200,000 on an Instagram giveaway he did for free

Star has been teaching Dawson about the business of the beauty world while they collaborate on a new "Conspiracy" makeup line together.
Select Management Group: Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher, and Lisa Filipelli.

How YouTube talent managers are helping shape the future of the influencer industry

Talent managers help their clients secure brand sponsorships, advise clients against promoting products, and assist in selling consumer products.
Brooke Miccio has 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A recent college grad explains why she quit her day job to be a full-time YouTube influencer, and why it ‘shouldn’t be a shameful thing...

YouTube creator Brooke Miccio shares why she left her day job in sales to focus on being an influencer fulltime.
YouTube star Emma Chamberlain.

Seeking nominations for the top talent agents in the YouTube and influencer space

We are seeking nominations for the top talent agents assisting YouTube creators with their online businesses.
Alissa Violet's latest giveaway ended in confusion for the winners.

YouTuber Alissa Violet has been accused of scamming fans after competition winners complained they didn’t receive their Louis Vuitton bags

Fans accused the YouTuber of a scam when they were not contacted for weeks about their supposed prizes.

From David Dobrik to The Rock, these are teens’ favorite people to follow on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter

As part of Piper Jaffray's Gen Z survey, teens were asked about their favorite influencers and personalities to follow on social media.
Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine, the Instagram star known for selling her bathwater, says she was arrested for spray painting the car of someone who stole her hamster ...

Delphine returned to social media to say she had been arrested after spray painting the car of someone who had stolen her hamster.