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Almost everyone fears they’re not good enough, according to a psychotherapist. Here’s how to overcome that fear.

Nearly everyone thinks that they are not good enough — but they don't assume the same thing about others.
Over the years, therapists have become increasingly popular character portrayals on television.

16 fictional TV therapists, ranked from least to most likely to ruin their patients’ lives

Mental health professionals shared their thoughts on popular TV therapists, from Dr. Melfi on "The Sopranos" to Molly's therapist on "Insecure."

Overpraising people with low self-esteem can do more harm, these experts say

They say too much of anything is bad – and apparently, that includes compliments, according to experts.
Barbara Corcoran was told she'd never make it.

Many successful people are driven by a quality no one likes to admit

Success is a result of many factors, but entrepreneurs and investors say insecurity is one of them. People who have a chip on their shoulders are often more motivated to succeed and prove their worth to everyone who doubted them.

The HBO hackers stole ‘thousands’ of internal company documents, and 7 times as much data as the Sony attack

The hackers already leaked personal information about a senior HBO executive and claim to have access to HBO's network infrastructure.

An HBO exec talks about how to transform a YouTube show into an HBO hit

HBO scored a certified hit a few months ago with its new show “Insecure,” from YouTube breakout star Issa Rae. Here's how.

‘Westworld’ is officially coming back for season 2

HBO has given second seasons to some new shows, including "Westworld" and new comedies "Divorce" and "Insecure."